what is it what is it what is it

  1. what makes a bag so right on some people?
    i've seen some members post pics with various acquisitions and sometimes one bag more than another will just click and you look at it and say, "wow, ____, that bag is sooooo right on you. better than the rest."

    so my question is how do you find the bag that will look that "right" on yourself. what is it we should be looking for?
    allaboutnice once suggested coloring, hair, etc. matching to the bag, but there are plenty of pics generously provided on tPf of members where i can't see anything above their shoulders and have no idea if it matches well with their coloring, but i can still get the "ding ding ding we have a winner" sense from the picture. also, it's more than the color, it's the leather and even the style of bag too.
    could it be something the wearer is projecting? total satisfaction?
    what is it what is it what is it?
    (this is frustrating - wish i knew which bag would click like that on me)
  2. I have to say that when I saw Maggie with her new Lindy, I was stunned by how 'right' it looked. It just looks like it was made for her, should really be called the 'Maggie'.
  3. That's funny Rose!! I agree!! I have no idea HH - I would say perhaps knowing a bit about the person helps?? Size/style etc??
  4. MaggieD does indeed look perfect with her turquoise Lindy. Her pics are just a vision.

    I've wondered the same thing--How can so many women on this forum look perfect with a birkin or kelly, and I end up looking like I just mugged some rich woman? Baffles the heck out of me.
  5. okay, so rose you know what i'm talking about. you've had that "ding ding ding" moment.
    are you as able to see what is right for yourself (i mean we all choose what we want, but is it the 'ding ding ding' bag?)?

    shoes you were the inspiration for this thread. seen you holding a few bags, but this one in your avatar was so right on you.
  6. ^^^ No, I am totally clueless about what looks right on myself. I know that I am better with 'conservative' options, so I can probably do a black Kelly/Birkin (correct me if I am wrong and you think I look hideous with it!). I am uncomfortable with messenger type bags so I tend to avoid those.
  7. I totally agree with you HHeels, though I do not have an answer. Sometimes one just makes you say YES!! WE HAVE A MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN!

    But,I wonder if it is different pictures for different PFers, that we each bring something to the "table" that colors our impression of the photos we see...hmmmmm.

  8. ROFL rose. not that anyone can go wrong with an hermes bag, but some are just so super right - especially when you've seen the poster hold lots of other totally fabulous bags and thought they were all terrific and then a particular one appears and it surpasses all the others. weird. i want to know the secret.

    cobalty not sure i'm understanding your post, so please please correct me. do you mean that we all have our own preferences so when we see that matched on someone else we are pleased? i don't know, i really am not an ostrich girl, and would never personally opt for that color (for me, i stress, just not for me) but shoes with that bolide is a total match, as you say. it's really quite delightful to see something work so especially well

    secret please, i'd like to know it now. lol
  9. I think it depends on proportion ( you to the bag), "attitude", and yes age....

    I got to try on a 35 cm Etoupe Birkin and a 30 cm Rose Dragee Birkin...

    Now you would think being 5'2 and somewhat petite, the 30cm would have looked best....It didn't..It looked too cutesy for me...If I was 10 years younger and sans baby...it may have worked... am just not there anymore...

    However, I think I looked ok with the Picotin PM ( which is also "cute"), but since it was in a serious Barenia and not a bright light Vert Cru, i could pull it off....

    I think the BJ Kelly looks right...well because it Blue Jean...but I think it being a 32 as opposed to a 28 makes it a bit more serious...

    I don't think I could pull off a Croc Constance yet...the bag is too mature and serious for me at this point...I personlly think whichever Olsen twin is carrying on loooks ridiculous...
  10. All I know is everytime I put on an Evelyne I look like an ageing college student. But when I saw the same one on Crochetbella in the store not too long ago, it was just perfect on her!!! Looked like a match made in heaven! Same thing with the Garden Party and any of the Valparaiso's. And let's not even talk about the Massai because that one makes me look like a walking handbag with a head on top.

    But......when I picked up the Plume Elan GM in Alaska last year, I knew it was a bag for me. Without a doubt. It just looked.........right.
  11. ...and clearly my Kelly Elan clutch is just perfect for a little something in leopard........
  12. hmmm, quinn's mom, that sounds somewhat rule-oriented, whereas what i've experienced when the bell sounded in my head seems to defy any formula... i think.
    harder than explaining why you chose what you've gotten for yourself, can you explain why something works especially well on someone else sometimes? shopmom passed on her noisette kelly, and it's a gorgeous very very classic bag, but she was right, and she has other bags that are so amazing on her. better than that kelly. but why? why? lol
  13. whoops, hi shopmom *waving*
    i was just talking about you.
  14. gga, Rose, shoes, I am completely floored, flattered and don't know what to say. :blush: The Lindy is so unlike anything else I own or ever thought I'd own. I'm the middle-aged, staid, conservative business lawyer, not the young, hip, fashionable person everyone thought the Lindy was designed for.

    I would say then that it shows "what is it" must come inside because indeed there's something in me that lights up when I look at that turquoise swift bag. But I don't know how that would be projected in my Linday "in action" photo since my face doesn't show. And despite all the positive responses I'm getting from tPF members about me and my Lindy, it's the neutral classics that I continue to dream about. Maybe what I like and what likes me aren't the same?
  15. I feel you're on to something here, ladies....but I'm wondering something else....and that is: suppose I have a new H piece ( could be anything, bag, bracelet, scarf.....) and I think it's heavenly....but you might look at my picture and think....uh...not totally you, Susi....you could have done better.

    But I'm feeling all excited about it....

    OR....say, a tpfer posts a pic of a new bag that she is undecided about and we all LOVE IT on her! But, she ends up sending it back, 'cause it just didn't feel "right" to her.

    It can go either way, I feel. Maybe more often than not what I love on me you would love on me, but I've had people tell me something looked great when I felt is just wasn't:confused1: and t'other way 'round too and I've always wondered why?

    So, too, MaggieD, I know how you feel....