What is it name again?

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  1. I have been recently amused by the names of bags. My recent favorite is a Tano called Beam me up. Are their any purse names that make you smile? I sometimes wonder how they create them. Any others?
  2. Tano Sex Bomb. Glad it's not on sale where I live, and I have to actually ask for it!
  3. I LOVE Tano names!! So fun and quirky. I can't wait to get the Miss Whoever You R. So cool!!
  4. I LOVE the Tano names!!

    The Tano team is so creative with all the fun names and fun colors.
  5. My new favorite is Cherry Tart from Marc Jacobs. The color and name reminds me of warm homemade pie.
  6. Tano names are just too fun -- my fave of the new season is "Miss Whoever You R" because it reminds me of something Gilda Radner would have said when she was playing Rosanne Rosannadanna (OK, I am dating myself but she was unforgettable).

    On the other hand, I don't understand why Morgan Oakley named bags "Ditch" and "Baby Ditch." Not at all flattering, and I don't want to cough up the name when someone asks me.
  7. I love tanos name the fembot. it always makes me smile