What is it about Vuitton that keeps me coming back for more?

  1. Every time I buy a new Louis Vuitton, I promise myself that that will be the last one for quite some time...but it never is. I've thought numerous times about purchasing a big leather hobo from some other designer, but I never can get myself to do it...for me, it just isn't the same. I somehow convince myself into believing that nothing else is as good, nothing else will suffice. I don't know what it is, but it's like falling in love over and over with each new bag! No other designer/brand has made me feel this way about their products before...and I don't even know why. I think part of it is because I like the idea of a bag I can have my entire life...no one else really promises that, I feel. Am I ridiculous? Or does anyone know what it is about Vuitton that keeps you coming back for more?
  2. hehehe Obssssessssion~~~!

    it's normal! i've had Gucci dreams and...LV dreams...:yes: he he he he he
  3. I am right there with ya! Maybe we should go to LV anynomous together! ;)
  4. I know, I just can't go back to anything else, no matter how hard I try.
  5. yup.. i tried, i came running back to LV in 2 month's time. lol!
  6. they keep coming out with so many gorgeous pieces!! and even the monogram..idk its strangely addicting!!
  7. Oh gosh I hear ya and empathize...look what happened to me in just a little over a year...and this doesn't count the stuff I ALMOST got:
    2007 LV.jpg
  8. i like that LV comes out with interesting styles. i think that's what keeps me coming back for more heh.
  9. It is strangely addicting. Its like okay I just bought a bag, now that should be it for a long while, but you just keep looking out for the next one. And the next one and the next. It is crazy!!
  10. It's worse than crack (not that I would know!), but being on tPF only feeds the fire!!!!!:love:
  11. I feel ya, hon. For me, it's the monogram. I fall in love with it over & over again. :love:
  12. Let me know if anyone comes up with a twelve step program for this addiction, lol. I'm lusting for a new bag so badly... poor dh even told me to go ahead a get it already, lol. I'm trying to be good though :nuts:.
  13. I just love Louis Vuitton.
  14. yup i totally agree with the crack concept (not that i know wat it is)...we truly need an addiction program..once i think i have enough, i think of other bag that i have different use for (ie beach bag - antigua, travel, bum etc etc)..does anybody have that too?
  15. I think because they have soooo many styles and they are all different in their own ways,plus the logo is addicting too i think,and the service