what is it about the speedy?

  1. Why do us speedy lovers love our speedys?? I adore mine and I can't really say why. I just do. Is it the shape? Is it because it's a handheld? Is it because it's timeless? Easy to get in and out of?
  2. It took me a long time to actually like the Speedy. But now that I have one, I don't know what took me so long. I love the space in it and it is classic.

    I have the Mono and Damier Speedy 30.
  3. I think its the shape and the fact its handheld... after using my speedy I can't really use shoulder bags unless their fendi baguettes. I only feel comfortable with hand helds now! I think there a nice change compared to the usual shoulder bag.
  4. hmmm I don't htink I've ever LOVED the speedy's anything, but there was a time when I liked it...

    I only have the MC speedy which I don't LOVE anymore (except for the alcantara lining...but other bags have this lining too...)... I think I bought it cuz I was influenced by many people who make a big hype about it (and for the same reason I was ALMOST "tricked" into buying Suhali Le Fabuleux). I'm still keeping it in my collection cuz it is still one of the "essentials" by LV.
  5. I love my speedies because:

    1. it is a classic LV shape - no matter what print they do it in, it is instantly recognizable as an LV bag
    2. its shape can hold a lot - yet still look classy and not look so much like a tote
    3. its classy shape can take me from a day at the mall to a cocktail party at night
    4. the handles when handheld are just right, but still enough for you to slip your arm in and let it hang sophisticatedly by the crook of your arm
    5. for all of these - the price is reasonable!

    *sigh* makes me want to buy one again - but i desperately need to branch out with my collection and get another shape!!
  6. I love it because it is handheld. I always tell myself to get a different LV, but so far the only unique one I own is the Nimbus (not including luggage, wallet, organizer, cles, makeup bags). My others include white MC speedy, azur speedy, mono speedy, pink perfo speedy, green perfo speedy, mini lin speedy....clearly I'm a speedy fan
  7. I don't own one, but I'm thinking I should...
  8. The speedy is simply timeless. It looks just as beautiful on Audrey Hepburn as it does Jessica Simpson. I didn't use my mono speedy 30 today because of inclement weather (protecting the handles) and I missed it quite a bit.:sad: I am switching back tonight.
  9. Ann,

    I love my mono Speedy 35! It was my first and is my most used LV bag. I am trying to decide between the Damier Ebene 30 and the Azur 30. Did you ever get your Azur Speedy? I remember that you wanted one for the Spring. It is now January and I also live in Massachusetts so maybe the Ebene would be better for now. But the Azur is so pretty! Eventually I want another size mono Speedy as well. So I am with you...... I LOVE THE SPEEDY!
  10. For me the Speedy was my very first designer bag. I've always loved it. I don't why but I don't think I'll ever tire of it. Maybe it's ALL the things you listed above.
  11. same here!
  12. love the space.. it holds a ton even the speedy 25.
  13. like most of you have mentioned, it's a classic! :yes:
  14. I find that the speedy can hold alot of things and it is also a classic. I feel more comfortable carrying it handheld rather than a shoulder bag because I always worry about the shoulder strap when it comes to a shoulder bag.
  15. I love how it looks good one everyone...from Audrey Hepburn, to Jessica Simpson, to Angie Harmon, to...even Snoop Dog (who you can find on the Celebrity LV thread). Everyone has their own way of carrying the bag that just fits their persona. It's a timeless classic, it's lightweight, and it holds quite a bit. You can dress it up or down. And the best thing about it: it's Louis Vuitton signature style.