What is it about the Chloe?

  1. If a thread like this has already been started please redirect me.

    I think the chloe bag is a good looking bag but I do not understand the popularity because of the heaviness of the bag, especially with the big lock. Help me to understand.
  2. For me, the lock just dosent seem to phase me at all. I just adore the style, shape of the bag and, texture, thickness of leather, the length of straps are just perfect for me. And the size not too small or too big. It fits everthing I need just perfectly.
  3. I don't think the bag is that heavy. It's just as heavy as any other IMO. The lock is what makes the bag. I buy chloes for the paddington because that's one of the only bags I like (other than the edith).
  4. I like the bag and dont find it heavy at all.
  5. I think the lock does add some weight to the bag, but I love the look of it. It's an iconic style for Chloe.

  6. Why I like the paddington, let me list the ways:

    1) Padlock. Beautiful Chloe "identifyer". Everyone knows it's chloe without having to advertise it with any logos. You won't see any other designer mimic style. I loooooove LV mono bags but you will also see Gucci, Coach and D&B monogramming on bags. The bag is not heavy at all to me. The straps also have padding.

    2) Leather. I love Chloe leather. My Edith was heaven! I was lucky enough to score an '05 chocolate paddington that had beautiful leather. Very vintagy and rich. I am a big fan of pebbled leather, as well. I'm waiting for my whiskey paddington and hope that it is just as nice!

    3) The shape of the bag flatters every body type. The paddington is so feminine. I am not sure what makes it so, but it just makes the lady carrying it look so dainty.

    4) The colors of the bag are so versatile and rich.
    From whiskey to mousse, everyone can find their "perfect color".

    5) Paddingtons are Chloe's signature bag.
    I like buying signature bags because they never go out of style. Some may say that the paddington is a trend bag, but I don't see that happening anytime soon since they've raised the price of the bag and its still flying off the shelf!

    6) It is the ONLY bag I own that every man I know has commented on, without me prompting him!!! When I opened the box to my chocolate paddington my husband (who usually just listens out of politeness) looked at her and said, "Wow, now that bag looks expensive. Don't ever sell it!"

    Now those are the reasons I like the paddington! Oh...and one more...paddington fans are such lovers that they can't just own 1!

  7. There's a lot more to Chloe than just the Paddy, you know! :biggrin:

    The Paddy isn't really the bag for me, either. I admire it greatly on others, but it just isn't my style.

    The heaviness is also an issue for me. :yes:
  8. I agree, although it sort of became the signature bag for Chloe. I love Paddy, but it doesn't really go too well with my wardrobe. Betty is totally my style though!!

    Edith would be great as a work bag!!

    The quality of the leather is SO great with chloe!!
  9. I don't find it to be a heavy bag either. The style/shape is what drew me to it, then I began to appreciate all of the other features. It's a beautiful, quirky bag, and as LG said, the only bag I own that guys at work will comment on. The lock is the attraction for them - gadgets on a handbag!!
  10. I really like the tan colour and fancied treating myself, but I agree the wieght issue had put me off, but I have never seen on in realy life, so until I do, I cant really complian about the wieght! Have you decided to buy one?
  11. Roey, I actually have a guy friend who is a carpenter come up to me once and finger my lock! He asked if he could take a look at it because he liked it's shape! :lol:

    There is much more to Chloe than the Paddington but I think the general public connects "Chloe" to "paddington". It's the signature bag and to some, synomonous. That's why the initial post says Chloe and "padlock". I think there is another thread that said "Edith or Chloe, help me choose".

    With that said, I LOVE the Edith (equally to my paddy) and Betty!
  12. hmmmm, i returned my whiskey paddy due to its weight too! I couldnt stand it. So I ended up returning the whiskey. Later, I ended up finding a baby paddy in grenat, and that size is PERFECT FOR ME. Since I like small bags, and I only own balenciagas' in first, the baby paddy size is just like the first size...

    anywho. moving forward....

    I was at Nordies about 3 weeks ago. They had thier med paddy's in for the fall. I picked one up and was EXTREMELY surprised that the weight, IMO, has gotten alot lighter!!!!!!! I left Nordies telling myself, I have to find a fall 2006 paddington in med!

    hmmmmmm. Im not sure if i build muscles, or the bag is made lighter in weight... but its definately noticably not heavy!
  13. it is a little heavy especially if you carry a lot of stuff. on it's own, it's fine. but i love the look of it too. i actually started carrying my paddington without the lock, and i don't really miss it either.
  14. I think it's heavy as hell too.
    (Thankfully, I don't carry much more than a wallet and some odds and ends)
    Doesn't deter me because I love the look of the bag, from the lock to the leather and everything that lordguinny stated above.
  15. For me, I think that when the Paddington first came out it was such a departure for Chloe that it was an immediate WOW!
    Remember, when Stella was heading it up, the accessories range not being able to be made in leather, seriously affected the sales of bags and shoes, so when she left and the fab Pheobe took over, they really went for it and bought out a range of seriously lush bags, people wanted a piece of it and the fact that it was hard to find, made it even more attractive. I just think this bag came out at time when people wanted a rocky but lovely bag, and it still makes my heart flutter when I see a (real) one!! :smile: