What is it about our purses???

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A purse is . . .

  1. a utilitarian storage bin

  2. a useful accessory

  3. a fashion statement

  4. an extension of who I am

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  1. Some women, if you can believe this, say that a purse is just that . . . a purse. A place to store a wallet, keys and a tube of lipstick. Nothing more. Not fashion, not style, not meaning.:confused1:

    So, the question is: What does your purse mean to you? :supacool: :heart:
  2. For me, it is both a fashion statement and an extention of who i am. I express myself through what I wear and my purse is my favourite accesory. It not only expresses my personality, but it contains little bits of who I am. It is essential and I feel completely naked without it.
  3. On another board I post at, someone mentioned TPF and posted a link. There were a few members who could not believe that there is a messageboard dedicated to purses. I was very offended. :cursing: My purses are an extension of me and my style and taste. :tender:
  4. In the sense that anything a person wears or carries is an extension of themselves or an expression of themselves, then a handbag is that, too. Of course, I don't cease to be who I am without a bag - no one does - but it is very important.

    To view a bag as merely a utilitarian carrying case would imply that I don't care about how I look or how I present myself to the outside world. I would no more carry a faded, stained old bag than I would wear mom jeans and a teacher sweater.

    So I would say that a handbag is all of the above. It IS useful, but it is more than that as well.
  5. all of the above!
  6. ^^^ Ita.
  7. I agree! everything you wear tells people a little more about what kind of person you are, and what kind of mood you're in for that day. Personally, I think that cheap/basic bags (and shoes!) say you aren't bothered with what people think, and on some days this is okay, but it shows you don't put much thought into yourself. Clothes are always changing, but good accessories last a lifetime; an expensive bag says you are confident of your style & yourself! :smile:
  8. Im one of those people that wears a t-shirt, jeans and sneakers everywhere. A purse is a statement for me adding that punch energy that my outfit needs... and I carry so much crap i just really need one :graucho:
  9. A handbag to me is almost a metaphor. We carry our baggage around inside us, and my handbag is kind of an extension of that.

    A handbag is mysterious - I wouldn't dream of letting someone else peek in.

    It's a comfort - it carries all the doodads I need to have with me like a security blanket. Money, Credit cards, phone, keys, stuff to make me look and smell good, stuff to clean up with, stuff to take for pain, stuff to look at (pictures, notebook) to make me feel at home.

    My handbag is like my "Mini-Me."

    Or maybe my "Mr. Bigglesworth."
  10. Its both an extension of who I am and a fashion statement :yes:
  11. My handbags are a fashion statement. Since, I work in a conservative field, I dress kinda boring and I prefer comfortable shoes, which limits my choices. So I rely on my bags to add a bit of zing to my oitfits.
  12. I hardly wear accessories besides the bag, so it has been a useful accessory till now: after finding tPF it has started to become more of fashion statement
  13. For me its all of the above. Too hard to choose just one.
  14. All of the above!
  15. For me too it's all of the above, but mainly an extension of me!