What is it about men's cologne?

  1. What is it about men's cologne?

    When I was saying good bye, the Italian man I was with asked me what I thought about his cologne. I sniffed the bottle, said it was okay. He asked if I wanted some. I laughed, shaking my head no. He then spritzed it on my sweater. I found it very strange.

    But all day yesterday I couldn't help but to think about him. The scent is still on my sweater.

    He is such a flirt!
  2. soooooooo is he your new guy friend?:graucho:
  3. I loved it when my ex-gf would spritz herself with some of my dior higher energy perfume. it's sexy, and actually, makes the girl think of the guy when she smells the scent. Hehe, one sniff, and you'll remember his face, the whole occasion, eh?
  4. Maybe.... :angel:

    It's a complicated situation though. He's "seeing" some famous heiress and doesn't want to give her up. Plus his friend has a crush on me.

    Italians are just such flirts!
  5. men's cologne makes me weak for some reason. . .
    if I smell a divine men's cologne in the air I'll whip around looking for the guy wearing it! LOL!

  6. So true!

    My last crush wore Acqua di Gio. I went crazy whenever I smelled it. It's such a common scent.

    (By the way, the Dior Higher model is hot! :love: He's friends with one of my friends. They went to school together.)
  7. [​IMG]

    Swanky Mama Of Three, I do that too!
  8. I love my SO's colognes....Even better when I'm cuddled up next to him and my head is right by his neck :girlsigh:
  9. i do the same! :lol:

    one time i have this coworker and was my crush then, he always put the same cologne everyday. but the thing was the first few weeks the smell was too powerful for me. but then i got used to it. and everytime i smell that perfume with some other guy, it reminds me of him. :angel:
  10. mmmm Dior Higher, that's the last scent I bought my fiance, smells so nice.

    Men's cologne, yes, very seductive. Actually, I just bought my first men's cologne for myself and he loves it. Makes me feel very strong for some reason, and it gets compliments, try it.
  11. I love HIGHER!

    Well u need to leave him alone and scoop the friend!
  12. Not interested in the friend, unfortunately.

    I LOVE Armani Mania. When that first came out, I couldn't stop stuffing my face into men's magazines.
  13. ladies...it's HIGHER ENERGY! hahha. i love sniffing SJP's Lovely on my girlfriends though.

  14. Oh how right you are! :yes:
  15. Oh man! I LOVE when a man smells good! That's why my husband has sooooo many nice scents.

    There is just something about a man who looks good and smells good.........very sexy!