What is it about LV that does it for you???

  1. So....I have been asked about this alot from friends and family...since I have a few pieces now collected....and Im sure this was disccused over and over...but....

    Most of my family and friends collect all designers....they have alittle bit of each...and most dont understand the LV thing....

    And it is "one of those things" that I cannot really explain....I do have a few other Pradas but it is for rainy days when I dont want to dirty up my LV....and it got me thinking....

    Why only LV??? Those of you who only do like LV pieces mainly???

    Me...its the one pattern that I really fell for, plus that its stylish yet so functional and durable.....I really wish that they did less of the Branding on the pieces but.....its like the most "perfect bag" ever!!!!!!!:yes:
  2. I'm not sure what does it for me, but i love it! I won't buy clothes or shoes with a visible monogram or name brand, but for some reason I love my monogram LV. I have since high school, some 20 years ago. I don't like trendy pieces so much, though. I like the bags that hang around forever.
  3. really not sure, but LV is definitely a sure pick me upper for me anytime, anyday....

    i love LV
  4. Hard question, I too have a little of everything...including the acclaimed, so called 'holy grail' birkin (which is on loan to my mom, and has been for almost a year, because she loves it more).

    I get infatuated with other bags and stray once in awhile...I always come back to my Louis....

    Don't laugh, but even my other high end bags; chanel, gucci, luella, MJ...etc
    the one that brings me the most joy next to LV...coach! lol! I think they have really cute designs :shame: .
  5. I love the heritage of the company.
  6. the timelessness,the quality, and the materials is what does it for me
  7. i mostly love LV because they offer so many different lines and styles. they have things that cater to the younger set and to the more mature age (which of course doesn't mean there are lines that only younger people should use)
    and plus they are just so innovative!!
    what i find with other brands is that a lot of their bags just look the same and there aren't too much to choose from.
    i have bags from other brands too, and while they are very nice, nothing does it for me like LV!
  8. i don't really know why i love LV so much... i just do! my family doesn't understand it either, but they know i have expensive taste, so i guess this falls under that???
  9. I tend to be brand loyal when I find something I like and I find the quality of LV outstanding. Also, the wide variation of assessories allows the LV enthusiast to create a really put together style. :yes:
  10. Everything...I always stray to Gucci but I never like it as much

  11. :nuts: :yes:
  12. Coach does have really cute stuff....:yes:
  13. I love that the brand is so old and traditional but also never afraid to try new designs. I love it that the bags are durable. I love the luxury of buying LV. I don´t really adore other brands like Gucci or Dior although some other brands have nice designs, I just figure I need to save for my LV. If I had money for Hermés, I would get that.
  14. A while back I had Fendi and Gucci. I keep coming back to LV for some reason. I love Chanel and Hermes but somehow Louis has my loyalty, even if their CS is so lacking!!!!
  15. for me, it's completely materialistic and the snobbiness.

    lol. i kid i kid!
    i personally like the designs and quality. other brands have mimicked designs, but their quality just doesn't withstand my use. lv has shown me their quality and their service is outstanding. :smile: plus, free heatstamping! and a cult-like-following-group of friends/forum like this! :nuts: :yahoo: