What is it about LV handbags....

  1. I just love them and own a few and do not need more. Love the look of them and I am not into status but, something about LV hooks people. Cannot look at any other brands. They are gorgeous pieces of art work. Way to pricey to collect too many....what is it about them that draws people in???? No other handbags have this sort of effect on me but, every time I come to the LV thread I drool non stop....
  2. I've been trying to figure that out myself! It seems as if it has a magical spell (lol, sorry, I just finished the last Harry Potter book this evening!) that enchants me. I just love it! I have other handbags from Chanel, Gucci, Burberry, and Coach, but LV has something else that pulls me in, making me want more and more.
  3. That is how I feel about the LV Damier pattern...wish I knew what it was...It's like a Crack addiction or something like that...
  4. I like LV bags , but still love Chanel Gucci and damn some pradas have been looking good. I think the LV's that have been coming out lately have been hot , Marc is working magic. Plus they know how to sell the whole package. They hook you on small acc. and leather goods and a speedy and next thing you know its over 2 k for a LE bag, very smart marketing!!!
  5. Not sure, I like the variety I guess. Between LV and Chanel, those are my two favorites.
  6. yeah, they have totally hook me... i guess their branding is very very strong and definetly successful. Perhaps for me, I feel wonderful carrying a piece of art around. However, i am also tempted to cheat on lv just to look around for other piece of art..:graucho:
  7. I wondered for awhile why LV was able to hook me in so well (better than Gucci and Chanel) I think it is because they offer such a variety of items. IMO Chanel and Gucci (The other 2 brands that I have) seem to produce some of the same stuff over and over again. LV doesn't seem to do that.
  8. i don't know what it is either. no other brand gets me like LV. i guess its the constant changing of styles and patterns (especially with LEs).
  9. I feel the same! LV just draws me in! I do admit I love Hermes bags too, but their prices are just too unrealistic for me right now. Even if I could afford Hermes, I'd still want LV. I love almost every style & I can't say that about any other designer! I think DamierLover is right - it is like a crack addiction! (But much healthier - and legal!)
  10. I feel the same. No other brand gives me the same feeling when I buy their bags. I like a variety of bags and accessories while other brands I like a bag here and there and even then it is like the love I feel for LV.
  11. I feel much happier carrying my LVs than my Coach bags. It's high quality, matches w/ a lot of outfits, recognizable, and mainly doesn't go out of fashion.
  12. Its true...and this is a question I often wonder myself.....

    Im not into designer anything...I mean, I like them, there great and all.....but the LV bags...does it for me...

    The history and my familiarity is major, but everthing fits so well with what I want......and the quality is really worth the money...Ughhhh....its so addictive!!!!!

  13. Me too!!!! something about the pattern...its the only one I go nuts for!!!!!:heart:
  14. I love how the designs usually are cute, but still classy and chic. It's like a perfect blend of TokiDoki and Hermes with a long history and great craftmanship.
  15. Part of it is the capitalization on human nature. You want what's hard to get. That's why LV never goes on sale and continues to increase their prices regularly. Unfortunately other brands are noticing that people will still buy so they are raising their prices to what the consumer will tolerate. Well, even though all that rationale seems true, I still plunk down thousands for LV items.