what is it about hermes and court steps?

  1. Yes, I think so. How was Canada? :heart:
  2. I vote Kelly as well and sure does look lovely!
  3. still here! i sneak off to the computer once or twice a day. tsk tsk.
    dd is napping now.
    passed by the H boutique. 2 gorgeous bolides in the window - i don't know enough about that bag to say the size. both in togo... aiy, she might be waking up...
  4. Great to hear from you HH. :flowers:
  5. It sure looks like a Barenia/Toile Kelly to me. Good spot HH!
  6. Something about court is right but lovely lovely Kelly.
  7. crazy hermes-eye. can't turn it off. logged on to nytimes.com and what do i see, front and center? news? nah, the blurry back of some politician's purse. that's sick.
  8. What a waste of a Kelly .....
  9. I am not sure it is a genuine Hermes Kelly. The top handle (strap) looks kind of long and it doesn't look like it has a separate top handle or strap. Can't tell for sure though.
  10. Birkinbaby, I had the same thought. The top handle looked long to me.
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