What is it about handbags that make us so addicted?

  1. I have always wondered....what is it about handbags that make us become so addicted? :love: I like shoes, too, but it is usually more like this...I need a new pair of boots this season; or something for a special ocassion; or I am out and see a pair I love, but they are never on my mind all the time. I am not asking the SA's to see what is coming up for the next season or to get on a waiting list. I am sure that some of us are just as addicted to clothing, shoes, or jewelry, too! Just curious to see what your thoughts on this are....
  2. A very interesting question. For myself, my handbags are important to me for a couple of reasons.

    First, I want to have several personal items(besides wallet, emergency things, paper, pen, address book, phone, etc.) with me at all times, so the bag that holds those things is a very personal, vital part of me.

    Secondly, I don't splurge on myself in any other area, so bags are my one luxury; plus, no matter what age or size a woman is, she can carry a designer bag--you don't have to have a certain "look" to carry a stylish bag.
  3. Good question, hard to answer.

    I have liked bags for so long...I remember my mom getting her Gucci's for Christmas in the late 70's and erly 80's. I loved those bags, and a remember how happy she was to get them.

    When I was 16, I got my first Gucci, I was so excited!
  4. thats where i splurge, those accessories. I don't dress impeccably, I'm more relaxed, and this is my way of showing glamour, that I can spoil myself, and its something I can use daily, which I also like.
  5. And of course its knowing the fact that you have something thats coveted, it can add a spring in your step, I'll be perfectly honest.
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  7. It's a status symbol, like a fancy watch on a guy.
  8. Purses are easy. They can transform an entire outfit. They are easy to buy; they don't have to "fit." All you have to do is see one that you like, and if funds allow, buy it.
  9. For me..Im never without my purse...so its a part of my everyday that I can enjoy....it also give a pulled together look without much effort....and it can be used over and over so the investment makes sense to me....

    And to have the perfect one that I really cherish does a number on me...it truely makes me smile...it is the one thing that I do splurge on...Im pretty cheap on other things..... :smile:
  10. ITA!! The right bag can really pull a look together.
  11. What Sonya said ... :yes:
  12. It's probably a quick fix to a good feeling. You can't loe 20 pounds in a few minutes, and you can't even color your hair in a few minutes, but you can buy a new purse and feel put together.
  13. We use bags and we just want bags that represent us or our taste or are pretty to us. Then we want more cause there's not just 1 bag out there that appeals to us.
  14. I love clothes and other accessories as well but you don't have to be a size 4 to wear a nice purse. You also carry your bag around with you everywhere - so why carry an ugly one? I don't understand women that aren't into purses - it's the funnest accessory out there!
  15. Well said so far! I am with the crowd that would rather splurge on handbags than other accessories or clothing.
    It's also an outward, functional display of your personality that is sustainable (with good care).