What is it about Ergo you like?

  1. Ergo seems to be on everyone's want list... for some reason I don't understand... Would you share why you like it so much? I recently bought the Ali in Whiskey, but Ali didn't caught my attention until I started reading the forum religiously. So, I am giving the Ergo the benefit of doubt, perhaps it's another understated beauty that might just "grow on me".

    Thank you!
  2. i think i am one of the few who is not loving this ergo style........sorry but nothing about it appeals to me.......:sad:
  3. I love that it's something different, I love the blue color, I'm a sucker for a tote, I loved the original ergo hobo like crazy.....

    I'm jayhawkgirl and I am a coach addict!

  4. LOL... I am totally a member of the CAA (Coach Addiction Association)

    *high five*
  5. I bought the bag. I like the shape. The simplicity of the design....And the price :p
  6. I like that it is soooo simple yet so versatile!
  7. I like the style but...I need a bag that can zip shut, which seems to be limiting what I can choose from these days.
  8. I don't like the ergo much either, I agree the shape is weird. However, I can't vouche for my perfect taste in bags seeing as I like the 07 patchwork everyone seems to hate ardently.

  9. I'm with Cathi - the ergo just doesn't do it for me either. I do love the turquiose color though!
  10. I loved the Ergo's from four years ago and have three Ergos in leather from
    2002. I for one have been waiting four years for the Ergo design to come back and I did write Reed Krakoff a letter in March 2006 asking him to bring it back. I love the Simplicity of the Design, the ergo shape of the handle which is so comfortable on your shoulder, the slouchy design of the hobo, and the new pocket outside each new Ergo handbag. I am loving this line but I am an original Ergo lover. It is not for everyone as it is a simple understated design. This clean line suits me just fine. I plan to buy an Ergo bag in the tote, hobo and cross body bag. I already have ordered the Ergo Large tote in black leather and the turquoise blue fob. I already have the small Ergo tote in turquoise (the color is stunning), although I am not sure about the size and may exchange it for the larger size.:idea:
  11. At first the ergo's didn't do a thing for me, but they have definitely grown on me. I have an ergo from the first release years ago and agree, it is the most comfortable bag I own. The leather is sturdy, yet super lightweight. The lack of hardware and simple design just add to the allure of it. I ordered the small tote in turquoise, but think I need to get a different color. I have an MJ in turquoise and don't think I need two. I think I will get the black, but want to see the small first to see if I want the large. I have a black/white/gray hermes twilly that I hardly ever wear, but plan on tying around the bag. I think this is a style you definitely need to see IRL to really appreciate. Like I said, it took me a while to love it. And also, I saw the camel color and it did nothing for me, so when I finally saw the black it sold it for me.
  12. I'm like the rest who've said they don't like it. I saw the first couple pictures here on this forum, and didn't like it at all. In fact, I thought it was ugly and oddly shaped. But then I saw the episode of "Fashion Police" that had one on it and was hooked. It looks like a great, kind of shapeless bag *which is my preference* and the vintage-y brown color looked amazing.

    I looked through the red book at Coach today and was heartbroken to find out that the particular one I saw is called the "Maude" and is $998! So I'll be saving for quite some time I think. *sigh*
  13. I have a thing for blue totes :biggrin: and turquoise is my favorite. and I just love that little turn lock on the front!
  14. Okay all in all... The Ergo's simplicity, understated design, comfort, and that new killer turquoise blue seem to be appealing... I will have to visit the Coach boutique in a month then. Please cross your fingers for me that I won't fall in love with the new Ergo... Because I am already planning on purchasing Legacy Hippie in white (or natural) with matching wristlet and/or Ali in black with matching wristlet. God help me.
  15. They sound like they're really comfy to me, that's why I'm interested. I think it's the name. :yes: I'm not sure if they will be though, but they don't look too heavy and I'm hoping they're super soft yet durable.