What is it about diamonds?

  1. I've been frequently lurking this forum lately and I have noticed that many people have absolutely stunning diamond engagement and wedding rings :yes: . This may sound a bit strange, but I never really understood why diamonds are considered to be so precious :confused1: by so many. There are over 20 countries in the world that have diamond mines. There is a mysteriously closed diamond mine in Arkansas, USA. It's now a diamond park of some sort, that is said to have the world's eighth largest diamond reserves in the world. You can actually google "Arkansas diamond" and find stories of people who go to the park and find huge flawless colored diamonds... I don't understand the appeal that a diamond have to some people. Maybe I'm confused, and I would like to hear people's opinions in why they like or not like diamonds...I'm not trying to start anything, my boyfriend and I are thinking of getting engaged and I would just like to hear some opinions from the lovely ladies of this forum. Thanks :shame: .
  2. joolluver, this is a great topic, I feel. I love beautiful diamonds, but they are of no interest to many people who would rather, invest money elsewhere.

    *grin* I never could understand "those" people;)

    Buy diamonds 'cause you love them.......there are lots of things in this world of "value" to some and not to others.

    For example, spending thousands on a wedding & reception. I'd rather spend all the money on a diamond and elope!!....But, obviously, not everyone feels as I do.
  3. I don't love diamonds because they are "rare" because they actually aren't rare. DeBeers has created a monopoly and strictly controls the supply, keeping it as low as they can to inflate their value.

    But I still love a gorgeous, sparkling diamond. My wedding ring (which was stolen) could almost mesmerize me when the light hit it just right. It was so beautiful! I miss it tons!!!

    We'll start looking for a new ring one of these days and a diamond will be my first choice. But I'm also open to other types of gorgeous stones...maybe a pink sapphire or alexandrite. But a diamond to me is a classic stone. It goes with everything. :smile:

    My friend at work though has a gorgeous deep, deep blue sapphire wedding ring and she's thrilled with it. To each her own!
  4. So right on about DeBeers! I never cared much about jewelry in my 20's, now I'm obsessed with diamond jewelry.
  5. That's great you and your bf are thinking of taking the BIG step!! I got married 5 months ago and LOVE being his wife. :yes:

    ITA with Isus, to each her own but we don't have to understand it! :p Maybe diamonds aren't your thing. I'm sure you'll choose a really beautiful e-ring! Keep us posted!
  6. I love diamonds, I know that they only have worth because "we" as a collective agree to say they have worth but they are so beautiful. That said I often wonder if it was prudent to spend so much money on them... I try and consider them heirlooms and hope they will be passed down through generations.
  7. i :heart: diamonds because they have the most light return of any gemstone (in other words: they sparkle!). for the record i also like rhinestones/moissonite/cz etc which are certainly NOT rare.

    i think it's the four year old in me. :smile:

    i also prefer them for jewelry because they are essentially colorless. they go with any outfit, color or occaision. as much as i loooooove my ering (pink sapphire) i miss wearing red polish. :smile:
  8. Ahh. the age old paradow of diamond and water. Is diamond is a scarce? Not really. Does it have intrinsic value? Not really. But we all got brain washed by De Beers' ads. "A Diamond is Forever." Oh well. Another way to spend money (lots) I suppose. Ha ha. I love it. it's versatile. Although I sometimes have hard time justifying spending that much money when I could have spend it on a lot of other things.
  9. The notion that the diamond is the "it" mineral has been around since ancient times. It's the hardest known natural material and the costliest form of carbon because it has many industrial uses. It's a pretty neat rock! :drool:

    I'm close to the engagement thing, and I know how society emphasizes the ring thing, so I'm doing lots of research to get this rock at a reasonable price.
  10. I like diamonds simply because I love the way they look. The sparkle and the light return are amazing ~ one little stone can create limitless rainbows of light. It is an inimitable substance -- I have yet to find a man-made stone that comes close to the fire of a diamond. However I am sure there are loads of people who disagree with my opinion and that is great! You can have whatever you want as an engagement ring -- that's the beauty of being a woman. ;) My dear friend has a stunning emerald engagement ring and she loves it dearly (as do I).
  11. Diamonds are my birthstone, so I knew from a very young age that they were supposed to be special in my life. I am attracted to sparkle, so it worked out for the best! Also, diamonds looks the best against my skin. They are clean, sharp, elegant and timeless. Just a few reasons why I love 'em!

    On the other hand, I would not spend a lot of money on an audacious diamond necklace like the ones celebs wear to the academy awards, because I would be afraid of losing it, or worse, attracting unwanted attention to myself and getting mugged. For the big, costumy stuff, I'd probably opt for Swarovski crystals instead. When it comes to real diamonds, I'll stick to my diamond stud earrings, the diamonds on the bezel of my watch, a pendant necklace or two, my engagement ring, and some day a tennis bracelet.
  12. It is because they are expensive and a status symbol, and also because of all the clever marketing. They are beautiful and sparkly though
  13. it is all a matter of taste. i could ask why would you pay the big bucks for a handbag.

    i have been a diamond lover for years and the same goes for handbags. priorities, some spend for one thing some another. the sparkle seems to get most diamond lovers.

    i hope you find what makes you happy be it diamond or otherwise. :yes:
  14. Diamonds are a status symbol. I like them the same reasons why I like my Birkin. Although other than for e-rings, I much prefer pearls and one-of-a-kind statement pieces.

    I think some people have gone a little overboard with this whole keeping up with the joneses. De Beers wants us to spend 2 months' pay on the e-ring. That's a LOT of money! People should do what is right for them. My bf ended up spending a week's pay on my rock and I love it!
  15. I used to adore Diamonds....

    But no more...after i got into research of different stones, I found out that Dimonds arent that special after all....especially b/c of the Debeers controlling the prices...and seeing so little quality ones.....

    Now I am in love with Aqua Marines...they were the engagement ring of choice b/f diamonds....although I do see the attraction to Diamonds...it is just not worth it anymore for me....