What is it about Coach we love?

  1. As i was internet surfing looking for more info on my Wave Lunch tote, I came across this website which i absolutely love now because you guys give lots of info, it got me thinking i know why i love coach so much: the styles, colors and how they can go with almost anything you wear, and durablility...So i want to know what does everyone else love about Coach?! :heart: :yes:
  2. cute and affordable and new stuff as soon as I get tired of the last seasons
  3. that for the most part it's an affordable little luxury with something for everyone!!! whether its a new bag or a cute little accessory...
    AND the anticipation of the new things that come out!!!!!
    oh and this fun forum that is a great little community of like minds!!!:yes:
  4. I love everything about Coach!!!! It makes me so happy:love:
  5. Everything! Styles, colors, how many different options there are. Everything is so cute!
  6. affordability! and the fact there is always new stuff coming out- great for people like me who get bored easily!!!
  7. I don't think its affordable. But I do love it. I love the colors, styles, and accessories.
  8. affordable luxury esp. with the small leather accesories coz i love 'em
  9. i love their variety !
  10. Variety, reasonable prices and beautiful looking bags. They also hold up very well (most of the time) and have something for everyone whether your 8 or 80.
  11. Quality was what drew me to Coach and the changing styles keep me coming back for more. That and drooling over everyones goodies!
  12. I love the look and the quality.
  13. good lawd your font is huge!!

    anywhoo...i love coach because i love the smell of fresh, brand new leather!
  14. affordable expensive leather handbags (if that makes any sense)
  15. "affordable luxury"

    The styles are great, the workmanship is quality, they stand by their products, and the cost won't automatically break the bank like LV, Chanel, and the like.

    Plus they don't raise their damn prices **three** freaking times a year like LV (yes, me still bitter much, and the next increase is less than a month from now already).