What is it about bbags that's got us all hooked?

  1. Was just pondering on that thought tonight...I've moved from one brand to the other with ease and have had most brands (with the exception of Hermes) and ever since I caught this bbag bug, it seems like i'm going to be stuck here for a while - happily stuck that is. But i'm curious to know, what is it about bbags that's got us all hooked?:wondering
  2. I've owned two Balenciaga bags and I also keep wanting more!

    For me the appeal of the Balenciaga is . . .

    - The unique Colors every season
    - The texture of the fine Leather
    - The unique Shape and Styles

    and most important the price value. Bbags always keep true their value or close to it. Which makes me appreciate it so much more! It's like my security net, I know I could always sell one and buy another!:love:
  3. I hold YOU personally responsible for getting me hooked :lol: :angel:
  4. Definitely the buttersoft + featherweight + colorful leather that got me hooked BIG TIME!!!!:drool:
    I'm not complaining though :jammin: happily-hooked!:heart:
  5. amazing leather coupled with an undeniably awesome design
  6. love how it's SO light!
  7. For me, it's the leather:heart: and the colours:heart: and the styles:heart:
    And the workmanship, they look so beautiful but yet they are pretty tough, too. It's just everything all together, I guess.
  8. The leather, colours, style, understatement.
    Today I took my Kooba with me and I miss my Bbags so much. I'd love to have as many Bbags as possible but unfortunately my funds are limited.
  9. The leather, the colours,the lariats....
    Oh, and the fact that very few people recognise them....it's 'stealth wealth'!:angel:
  10. To my mind,this leather is so soft,amazing,supple:it's quiet "regressive",like the favourite Teddy bear for kids:love:
  11. FIRST: your pics !

    Then: mostly design and even more colors
  12. bbags come across as effortlessly chic; the styles are very cool, very hip like you're not trying too hard. i don't have one, so i'm just speaking from the outside looking in!
  13. ^^ wow, sounds like a convert to me :graucho:
  14. the design and the colors!

  15. :angel: MY BANK ACCOUNT WOULD SUFFER!!!!:upsidedown: