What is it about bags?

  1. I am an obsessed bag lover (obviously). So many of my friends/ family have asked me..."what is it about bags you love so much?" I don't know how to answer because I am not really sure. Maybe it's the one thing you can buy that always "fits" - always looks good, no matter what your size...an easy way to accessorize.....maybe because we all have a thing for carrying our "stuff" around with us? Just wanted to see what y'all think.......
  2. I love how they can really pull an outfit together, or add a flash of color.
  3. Bags are the one special thing that you can bring your personality out... and like you said, they won't ever "not fit", have a heel break off, give you blisters on your feet, etc... I get really mad at some of my shoes because they are SOOO cute, yet so uncomfortable!!

    With bags... I can show my personality with things that I truely love, and if I don't love it anymore I can sell it and find one that fits my personality at that point in time!! :yes: They are just so, fun - without all the depressing things like - trying on clothes, etc!!
  4. BagLadie I could not have said it better myself. No matter what size I am, I can always count on my bag to fit me and I can always fit in with the new styles out there because a bag always fits.

    I also love that I can carry anything I want in my bag. It's like having a bunch of my own special secret items stored in there that no one is clued in on (well maybe except my husband). And having all that stuff with me makes me feel like I'm prepared for anything.

    Plus, they're just so dang gorgeous!! :yes:
  5. I just love how a great bag can help you pull your whole look together. I just love it when you finish getting dressed and you just grab that right bag and POW.......suddenly it's a spectacular outfit!!!

  6. For me its about my statement about myself !

    I am disabled & my health has taken alot away from me.The one thing my illness can not touch is the bag I wear .

    cha cha
  7. ditto....you all said a mouth full:smile:

  8. I agree with all you said.

    I also think, for me, it's a way to change my style. By that I mean, my clothes are basically one style...think casual chic. With a bag, though, I can change my look. If I carry my Balenciaga bag, I'm a little more trendy. If I choose my LV Mono Speedy, I think it looks a little more classic. Same clothes, different looks. Besides, there are just TOO many fantastic bags to consider a handbag a utilitarian and practical item!:smile:
  9. this site for one.

    i love how i can dress like a total bum and then its like BAM! dont underestimate me because I have a couple of tricks up my sleeve, aka a cool bag like my bals. Its unexpected, great function, and it fits me whether i feel like crap or at my best.
  10. Much like everyone else, I love that a bag will always fit and it can make a so-so outfit look spectacular. I usually receive more compliments on my bags than any other item that I wear/own. It just makes me feel good!:happydance:
  11. Im not mentally coordinated enough to keep up with the revolving clothing fashions. - So I stick to just bags.
  12. Awww, cha cha!!

    Your words touched my heart! I too am disabled and have had to change the way I dress (along with activities/hobbies). I can't wear heels so a lot of my wardrobe has changed. I can't spend on heels or dressy clothes anymore... all my money has gone to bags!! A lot of people I know don't understand why I am so bothered that I can no longer wear just anything... My bags/accessories don't hurt me or are uncomfortable to wear.. they fit perfectly always!!
  13. Dressing up is ridiculous for me considering where I live but I can 'dress up' carrying a great bag. It's the only part of fashion that I can really follow without looking foolish! And yes, it always fits! I've never had a bag make me feel fat!

  14. oh my world ! you feel me !

    my illness has taken away the clothes i wear,shoes,jewelry ,food i eat.what i drink,my career,hobbies, but IT CAN NOT TOUCH MY BAGS ! SO I ESCAPE THROUGH MY PURSES !

  15. I love that a bag can totally change an outfit and lift up my spirit.
    It can totally change your look depending on how you accessorize.
    I am pretty classic although sometimes a bit bohemian. My Coach Bags
    totally rev up whatever I am wearing. People always compliment me
    on my bags and my co-workers know that I am a bag nut.:yes: