What is it about a shiny new gold lock that is sooo impressive?? Great closeup pic!

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  1. I decided to have a little photo shoot with the sweetest detail on my new Delightful...the lock.

  2. nice..
  3. I didn't know it came with a lock? How does it lock? I thought the Delightful was an open top bag?

    It's nice and shiny.
  4. [​IMG]
  5. It doesn't come with a lock, I purchased it as an accessory to add a little more bling to the bag (rather than a bag charm). Its for aesthetic purposes only! ;)
  6. Beautiful pics! Yes, there's something about that shiny gold lock that is so mesmerizing! I admired the one that came with my Idylle Speedy for a good while...but then I wore it on the bag and now it's all scratched up :sad: So now it's tucked inside the pocket instead of on the bag.
  7. I don't expect it will stay new looking for long..which is why I thought I'd take a few quick pics of it while is does look new! I plan on keeping mine on the bag even when it does start looking older, or blackening the vachetta even.
  8. Very Cute !
  9. Very nice! ;)
  10. Love it! Way more affordable than a bag charm...and just as charming!
  11. That is a nice picture; too bad they don't stay shiny! I remember taking pics of my silver locks on my epi ivories...they actually still look good!my gold ones seem to tarnish quicker! Thanks for sharing.:smile:
  12. Oh, I get it. I was thinking of adding a luggage tag to one of my bags for the same reason.

    As far as locks tarnishing, there's a trick to make them shiny again. I've done this with a really old speedy lock. You just rub it by hand using a silver polishing cloth. It takes a good 15 minutes or so but you don't have to use a lot of pressure. Brass oxidizes just like silver, and it cleans up the same way.

    Now about those charms. . . why do you think they are so expensive? $450 FOR A CHARM? I was considering it, but then I snapped out of it. I noticed ain the charm clubhouse a lot of ladies use non LV charms instead.
  13. I thought they only separately sold brass locks? :confused1:
  14. Not sure what your question is?? I bought this new lock on E-bay $ 40!
  15. Lol I'm saying not all of the Louis Vuitton locks are gold.