What Is Inside Your Gorgeous Glam Gucci?

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  1. I always see these threads on other subs in tPF and thought it was ashame we didn't have one ourselves so without further ado, here is my Hawaii exclusive black/brown Boston bag! She is so pretty!

    Oops problem, resizing!
  2. Oh yay! I was thinking of starting this page but didn't think it was right starting it without pics.. so thanks for getting the ball rolling!

    Can't wait to see what's in your Hawaii exclusive! I bet you can fit tons in there! It's funny.. I was just thinking of bringing mine out to play today! Hehe...
  3. I am SO sorry! I haven't been on my new computer nearly enough so I went to dinner and came back to try again and got it...so here she is for real this time :biggrin:. I always have my DOMO with me for photo ops and he wanted to say hi to all my tPF friends.

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  4. dizchik, get some pics to share! I am a silly girl and I have had this bag since late June and I am JUST now using her. I have gotten compliments from people that don't even know it is Gucci!
  5. Oh, yay! I'm going to take pics after lunch and share.
  6. very organize Miss Beenie... mine is a mess.., all the time!
  7. Great thread Beenie!!!! Wow you have a super organized bag!

    I'm going to try to take an inside pic of my hysteria soon.
  8. Using my Hearts Boston today.

    I love my purse-to-go organizer, I just keep everything in there and then switch purses.

    So, this is pretty much what's in my bag every day. I use my hearts wristlet as my wallet. The guccissima travel wallet holds all my coupons, point cards, punch cards, receipts, etc.

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  9. flipchickmc.. very organized.. btw. what do you use the guccissima one your wallet or the is it the holder we got? I am trying to use it. but don't know what should I put in it hehehe
  10. I use it to hold all my coupons, rewards cards, punch cards, receipts, etc.

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  11. GOOD IDEAs!!! okay.. now I can debute mine hahahha
  12. OK, llaga22 and GhstDreamer that is funny because I am not really too organized but I cleaned a bit for you all! I have been known to pull out WEIRD stuff from my bags like a curling iron (I don't curl my hair!), flip flops, water guns and other strange things that end up in my bag. I ALWAYS win the game at showers where you get points for things in your purse :blush:
  13. Flipchickmc, I have been thinking about taking the plunge and buying an organzier. Do you think it is really worth it? I think I like yours, which size is it...or do they even HAVE numerous sizes? I tend to use the same bag for weeks or months since it seems to take forever to change out all my junk (doesn't help I like wallets to match my bags if possible). I love all the contents of your bag YOU are the organized Gucci-gal! I saw a girl in NYC with that hearts Boston and lusted after it!
  14. TOTALLY worth it! I get the most use out of the Jumbo size p2go organizer. It fits all my medium-large bags. It's not wide enough to fill the whole boston bag but I use a cardboard liner for my bostons to keep the shape and then stick the p2go in it as well. If you have a lot of totes (which I do) I'd also get the EXTRA-Jumbo size for that. The other sizes are just too small IMO. I initially bought the Trio Pack which comes with the Jumbo, Large & Small sizes. The Large size (more like a medium) would fit your New Britt Hobo and the small is just too small for anything. I'd also get a color other than black. I got black thinking it would go with everything but sometimes when I look in my bag (even with all the pockets) it still looks like a black hole. Hehe. I'm contemplating getting another Jumbo in Red but my black one is still in perfect condition.
  15. ^^ thanks! I think I am going to have to get one. I only have ONE tote since I am SUCH a hobo and satchel gal. Unfortunately, the 2 totes I want are gone now - Britt and the web one that you got for a steal!
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