What is inside the handles?

  1. What is inside Balenciaga handles to give them the shape they have? Is it a plastic tube or something a little classier? :wondering
  2. I haven't seen the inside of a handle, but the piping is clear plastic covered with leather...so that is a likely suspect.
  3. That's a good question...I have no idea...and I don't think anyone would want to do an experiment to find out, lol!
  4. i think it's a really thick piping cord (you can see the ends of it, knotted, under the handle at the ends?), under a double layer of leather

    i didn't know the piping had plastic in it? i thought it'd just be piping cord too..
  5. i've been wondering the same thing too :P
  6. me too, LOL!!! we are such balenciaga nerds!!!!:P :P
  7. i'm always scared that my handles will stretch and become deformed! HAHA
  8. I took mine to the cobbler today for his inspection and he said it was cord. He also said that it wasn't going to strech very much because of that cord.
  9. Haha...thanks for resurrecting this thread...I was just wondering about this again today.

    I think the handles themselves don't stretch much...I think it is the leather on the bag where the handles attach that stretches out more.
  10. That sounds about right, Fiatflux.
  11. Cord--you mean like rope?
  12. Is the cord made out of the same stuff that is used to whipstitch the handles (but just thicker)? In that case, the cord is made out of leather, right? (I've always been confused by this because it looks like regular fabric rope to me).