What is inside a Karo clutch?

  1. I just put a Karo clutch in hold at my store, but forgot to ask.......are there any pockets inside??
  2. No pockets...it's not all that large but does have a lining...
  3. The Karo comes in two sizes, I am waiting for the larger one to be delivered to me........
    Will post pics as soon as I get it.
  4. Oh Rose I didn't know that! Mine is about 7.5"x5" -- HTH!

    karo case 002.jpg

    karo case 003.jpg
  5. That's the bigger one, same as the one I am getting. The smaller oner was about 3.5"x5.5", too small for me. Yours is beautiful, can't wait to get mine.
  6. OMFG!!

    I've never seen a Karo clutch !!!
    How much is one ??

    Are they hard to get ?

    I dont recall seeing any such clutch in the shops ..
  7. i want one too!
  8. Shoes.....love your clutch....what leather is it? Box?
  9. I thinks it's chevre mysore black.
    It comes in 2 sizes : PM and GM. I've got one in GM turquoise.
    it's around 850 € for the GM size. :flowers:
  10. It is chevre!! Not sure of retail as I bought from a great reseller!
  11. Current US retail for a Karo GM is $620. Don't know the current price for a PM but mine was $540 when I got mine.
  12. Great pics Shoes! :flowers:
  13. They are great for makup, I love them. It sounds like the prices went up I think I paid for the one I got in Paris about (euro 365) this spring. If they went up to 850 euro, then I may hold off getting more and buy a small handbag. (I was thinking of geting one in black, in a firm leather, like epsom or box if they make box.) The chevre is a little squishy for use as clutch in my opinion.
  14. Must avert eyes before I want one....;) Are the snaps like the one on the Ulysee that says Hermes Paris?...darn I am a sucker for anything with those snaps. :lol:

    K, what color/leather are you getting? :nuts:
  15. Squishy??? Did you say, Squishy AVA???? Maybe this is my instant gratification item while I wait for my sqwooshy 30cm Birkin!!!!

    hmmmmm....something to think about.....