What Is In Your Purse?

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  1. for me --
    wallet - pretty but not designer(ostrich)
    cell phone and blackberry
    ipod + headphones
    three black notebooks
    2 pens
    starbucks gum
    givency compact
    yu-be hand cream( the best)
    asthma inhaler
    purell hand sanitizer
    key ring with french bulldog on it
    make-up bag (stuffed)
    murad pomegranate lip gloss (amazing)
    vinvent longo NUDE lipstick
    green hermes agenda
    reading glasses
  2. How big is your purse?????
  3. Wallet, calculator (nerd!), cell, iPod nano, Clinique compact, Prescriptives lipstick, Walgreens chapstick, and tons of other stuff that I'm not remembering right now.
  4. a tote...i live in new york where your purse is your car.
    love the wedding site...congrats!
  5. pochette cles
    set of keys
    book of french poetry
    car insurance
  6. add a toothbrush and I could probably live off your purse for a week :smile:
  7. Here is what's in my bag! Can you tell I love LV?!?!?

    -Medium Agenda
    -6 ring key chain
    -Geode (discontinued wallet they no longer make and one of my FABORITE things in life!).
    -Cosmetic bag
    -Cell phone

    I LOVE this thread! It reminds me of rummaging thru my mom's purses when I was little. Looking thru her make-up and finding gum and what-not!:lol:

  8. lots!
    • a paper back or magazine
    • a liter of water
    • checkbook wallet
    • ridiculous amounts of reciepts
    • advil
    • tums
    • glasses case
    • weight watchers points slide
    • pink notebook (food journal/memo book)
    • keys
    • cell
    • plastic bag of stash tea (they never have my fave kinds at restaurants)
    • a mini three musketteers bar
    • two different kinds of hand cream
    • bottle of nail polish
    • nail polish remover pads (i HATE chipped nail polish)
    • nail file
    • tube of neutrogena nail enhancer in pearl
    • cuticle cream and solar oil
    • gum
    • mints
    • a medium sized makeup bag containing:
      • small jaw clips, hair barrettes, elastic pony ties
      • travel tube of fekkai olive oil glossing cream
      • at least 12 different kinds of lip gloss
      • oral b brush ups
      • atomizer of perfume (shalimar)
      • blotting papers
    wow. that's even more than i thought. jeez. and my bag isn't even that big! :smile:
  9. Thanks. :biggrin:
  10. This is a cool thread! I carry my hand sanitizer (must be the nurse and mom in me), a lip gloss, my wallet/checkbook, kleenex, and a nail file. The pictures were a great idea, Purselova.
  11. ^^^Thanks, I'm just photo happy lately. I hope it goes away soon. lol