What is in your LV bag?

  1. =) Please post pics. For those who switch bags like everyday, you don't count =P


    I switch out the water bottle w/ umbrella if it does rain and I know I need a purse that day.
  2. i have everything....I have "in case" items if "In case" there was rain storm hail tornado flooding ......typical girl bag hahah
  3. ok i'll go! not a purse, but to a man, it's a purse. lol. i just took this picture like.. NOW.

    and this is if i ever go on business trips (everything in the wapity, PLUS:
  4. :sad: I'm afraid I don't count... I have the habit to reorganize my bag every day - although I carry the same items in it all the time :amuse: (except the receipts you see in the pic...)
    innen1.jpg innen2.jpg
  5. Sell me your phone strap haha. I don't know where to find one =/ The LV store that's here doesn't have them anymore
  6. can you really put that much stuff in your reade pm?:P

  7. Yup, surprisingly I can haha
  8. A typical day in my cabas piano:
  9. Geez, thanks. I needed to see that tempon.
  10. speedy35.jpg

    In my Speedy 35 :

    - LV Porte monnaie billets trésor
    - Longchamp wallet
    - Wapity MC black
    - purseket to keep shape + black cardboard in the bottom to avoid sagging
    - Bagmate to avoid things to go all around the bag
    - glasses
    - Kleenex
    - Parker pencil
    - small things hidden in the pockets of the purseket
    - Agenda
    and there is still place !
  11. WOW that holds a LOT
  12. make them find it for you. or call 866-vuitton. i got mine a lonnnnnnng time ago.. (date code says april 04). the new ones use black fabric to attach the strap to the phone. i have the old ones, that use yellow turn dirty.
  13. I like your makeup bag... I've been considering that bag, along with a few others.

    Wow, your new cabas piano developed a patina pretty quickly!!!!! :shocked:
  14. No picture, so I'll have to describe it :P

    Bag - Cabas Piano

    - vernis agenda in framboise
    - monogram ludlow wallet
    - vernis cles in perle (I broke down :shame: )
    - cerises pochette (the smaller one that came with the bucket), holds my travel hairbrush, powder compact, pen, lip balm and gloss
    - checkbook
    - phone
    - travel sized bottle of excedrin migraine
    - chanel sunglasses

    EDIT: Whoops, just saw that a picture is mandatory :shame: I will try to post one soon! Sorry, evolkatie :shame:
  15. i switch bags everyday, but i carry the same things in all my bags:


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