What is IN your Bottega Veneta?

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  1. Love this!! Since I just got the same bag :biggrin: I need to find a pouch in that size, it's the one thing I'm lacking that I could really use for Lauren. All of mine are either too big or too small.
  2. Every bag I carry the same thing
    zip around wallet
    Document case
    Hand cream
    Phone charger
    Emery board
    Card case
    Lip balm
    Lip gloss
    Lanyard with keys
    Some other junk I can’t think of

    When I carry my large Belly Veneta I carry book and a bottle of water
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  3. I sometimes use a small zip-lock baggie. Not aesthetically pleasing but practical, as I can easily see what I’m looking for. That clutch holds much more than I thought it would.....
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  4. What I usually carry in my nodini bag:
    Moleskine A5 agenda with Fabriano automatic pen and pencil
    BV french wallet
    Soft Campo Marzio case with Fendi sunnies & cloth inside (I wear eyeglasses also so I use it often)
    iPhone 5s (not shown) & EarPods
    Chanel lipstick
    Tissue papers
    Small Muji case with sugar free candies

    In a flat pocket:
    ID, student ID, blotting papers and metro card
    Nodini mirror
    Small manicure clipper

    In a phone pocket:

    On the first picture the bag is full:smartass:

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  5. OK how in the heck did you get all of that in that little bag! Or is this bag style bigger than it looks...
  6. I love this post, thank you!! I think Nodini is going to be my next bag purchase - I really need a small crossbody bag - so this is perfect! :amuse: It holds a great amount of stuff!
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  7. Lol! I always carry a lot of things.
    It's all about ergonomics and skilful use of space:P Nodini is compact, but very roomy.

    Thank you! I love it so much. For my opinion, Nodini is one of BV greatest shapes, so I sure you will love it too!
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  8. It is amazing what you can fill within. Definitely a skillful packer!