What is IN your Bottega Veneta?

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  1. Oh, I had forgotten about that photo! Here are some updated ones that I took yesterday for another thread. These are of my nero medium rather than the Intagli ebano, but it's the same idea.

    Actually, these new photos have the additional sunglass case (the light blue thing in there--it's a sports sunglass case), a somewhat larger mobile phone, and a longer but narrower wallet (the purple thing).

    To answer your question, yes, my medium still drapes--it is nowhere near packed tight. There is a little bit more drape without the liner; the sides just drape in without the liner there to buffer the movement. And, I have ample room under the arm, too, in both cases. Your experience may vary.

    Sorry if the photos are not the best--it was dark when I took them.

    photos with the same Purse To Go liner:


    photos without liner/organizer (the interior is bigger than it seems--I was trying to keep my hand out of the way of the photo so I had to prop it open as best I could and then shoot quickly):


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  3. here's mine :love:


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  4. hermes dogon wallet, hermes karo, hermes carmen, hermes agenda...
  5. A lot fits in my medium chain tote and nothing ever falls out, even when I had to bend down to pick up something. The magnetic closures on both sides secure the bag very well. The middle zipper compartment is especially useful for storing my wallet. PicsArt_02-16-11.04.00.jpg PicsArt_02-16-11.01.34.jpg
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  6. Well organized my friend!
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  7. Thank you Grietje. I like the fact that this bag diminishes the need for a bag organiser. My bottle stays upright throughout the whole day and the generous strap drop allows me to reach in for things without taking the bag off my shoulder.
  8. I use pouches for organizing. BV and non BV. I’ll post a photo later today showing how I organize my fenice tote.
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  9. I have not been using my Bella due to its inability to stand up unless quite full, so I invested in a purse organizer from Divide and Conquer on Etsy, the vendor I have used in the past for such purchases. This one was available in her ready-to-go section and fits quite nicely. I'm sure I could have custom ordered one that makes even better use of the interior space, but I liked the color of this one as well.

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    I use pouches for corralling my stuff as it makes it easier to change bags....and to find things in large totes like cabats and lidos. Gainsboro, silver and Argento pouches. Peltro wallet and vitamin case. The scarf is in case I want to throw it over the contents, although I don’t remember the last time I felt the need to do so. But I like to be prepared, just in case, especially when I go out of town.

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  11. I'm resurrecting this thread!! Seeing what people carry in their bags has always been one of my favorite threads, for any brand. Pictures are especially helpful in determining if a bag I've got my eye on is going to work for my needs.

    So, I'd love to see what you all carry in your BV! :cool:
  12. Lauren clutch
    (The sunglass case fits as long as I put it against an ‘outer wall’ of the bag.)
  13. I’ve been using LV innards for the better of the year. I have BV SLGs but they’re lighter colors (chartreuse wallet, shock pink cosmetic case). That’s one of the things I’ve looking at getting when we meet up in Carmel—some darker toned BV innards!
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  15. I’ve been surprised by how roomy it is......