What is IN your Bottega Veneta?

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  1. sounds beautiful. any pictures?
  2. Medium Orchid Veneta

    Chameleon handbag organiser
    - pens
    - LV Suhali Wallet
    - LV Cles
    - Rebecca Minkoff Teal Coin Pouch

  3. BagEssence, perhaps I missed the info somewhere... what size is your cabat?

    I was wondering how much we can put in the MINI and the MED size Cabats...

  4. yeliab: it's a mini. I'm a mini fan, so I'll say that it can hold more than what I need to carry.
  5. Thanks BagEssence!! This gives me a really good idea how big the Mini is!! :biggrin:
  6. yeliab: you're most welcome ;)
  7. Especially love the colour combination of orchid, mela and cobalt :biggrin:

    In my cobalt campana:

    - Mela cosmetic pouch,
    - Newly acquired Orchid key case :yahoo:
    - Turbolence flap wallet,
    - Lilac phone pouch,
    - Matita card case,
    - Chanel sunglasses, and
    - Umbrella (hidden under my wallet and pouch)

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  8. Gorgeous color. I'm so jealous.
  9. More like...What is your Bottega Veneta in???

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  10. Lol, that sounds like me. :biggrin:
  11. i love this thread. everyone's things are fabulous. thanks for sharing.
  12. I posted this in the FAQ thread about organizers, but I'll link it here:

    The photos show medium Venetas (nero and ebano Intagli). The BV items inside are a small burnt orange cosmetic pouch, crimson wallet, and cobalt mobile phone strap (the key case is an LV grenade epi coin and key pouch).

    The insert is a Purse To Go so-called "large" size, flipped with the pockets to the inside, with the top edge folded over to shorten the height.

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  13. I love these type of threads. Since I was a little girl, I've always had a fascination with seeing what others carry in their handbags. Post more pics....please.
  14. That seems like the same amount of things I keep in my bags and your medium still has a drape with all those things in it? If so, that confirms I will buy a medium!
  15. just got a wonderful BV.. will hold all my Hermes orange colors.. dogon, karo,

    credit card case, eyeglass case, keys...