What is IN your Bottega Veneta?

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  1. Back in my balenciaga junkie days my favorite thread was "what's in your b-bag?" Now that i'm a Bottega Veneta junkie, I thought it would be fun to have this thread here!!

    So let's see what's in your BV?!?! :yahoo:

    Here's mine:

    * lg. Black Veneta
    * navy BV fish coinpurse
    * Violet zip around BV wallet (color is most true in the flash photo!)
    * Black BV clutch/makeup that holds odds and ends so they don't fly around my bag
    * asian print makeup bag
    * asian print check book
    * tin of gum
    * black ipod
    * BV zip card case - used to hold work I.D. badge and ipod earphones
    * 'lil green BV purse charm that holds quarters for parking meters
    * "Entre Nous" a very cute book i'm reading

    I think that's it. I may have forgotten a few things - perhaps i'll update my photos later. :heart:

    So let's see your BV ladies - and what you have in them! :flowers:




  2. No one else wants to play? :sad: :crybaby: :sad:
  3. Your accessories are so cool, I don't dare post after seeing your bag!
  4. I don't even have a BV bag to show what's inside! Not yet, anyway!
  5. I love the color of your wallet, & you carry one full bag! I have the large veneta in ebano... and I'm obviously not using it to it's fullest potential~! Love it... your sport'in one fine bag with lots of lil goodies.. :cutesy:
  6. Aww shucks - you don't have to have BV accessories to post photos. If you look at the balenciaga thread people have all kinds of fun cute things in their bags. :heart:

    Don't leave me hanging ladies! :flowers:
  7. Beaux, I'll tell you, but it always takes me awhile to get pics posted.

    BV black woven tri-fold wallet
    BV Limo woven zip card case
    BV Limo canvas zip cosmetic bag
    BV Quarzo coin purse charm
    calendar, keys, pen, kleenex pack, stretchy knee support (never go anywhere without it), Rx sunglasses
  8. I wish they had this thread for every designer.. I love it!!
  9. The tote doesn't show contents well, but I love how it holds so much. So basically I carry: BV wallet, BV Limo card case, BV Limo canvas cosmetic bag, calendar, pen, kleenex, mints, knee support, cellphone, usually my sunglasses, keys.

    Attached Files:

  10. I'll tell first, then take pics to show later :P

    - Ebano continental wallet
    - Ebano card holder
    - Ebano cosmetics case
    - Organiser
    - Notebook
    - 5-6 coloured pens :shame:
    - iPod mini
    - Office ID card
    - Camera
    - Sunnies
    - Cell phone


    I haven't been very good at taking pics, but I'm gonna be home this weekend, so hopefully I'll get around to taking some!
  11. ^^YEA BOXERMOM! :yahoo: Now that's the spirt! I love your pink purse charm/coin purse! We're twins!!! I also love your butterfly BV cosmetic case. I need to find a small BV case - my flap case is kind of large.

    See ladies - isn't this FUN!:wlae:
  12. I'd love to participate and support one another !! But I don't hv the pics yet ..... will aim to post mine before the weekend is over... sori for delay.
  13. Oooh, I'd love to play beauxgoris, but no BV for me YET (still holding out for July in Italy!). :sweatdrop:

    But :heart: this thread, thanks for starting it and I will add something in the near future!
  14. boxermom, love your tote and accessories! I've been eyeing the butterfly case myself! ;)

    Nwpurselover, don't be shy, doesn't matter what you carry (though I'm sure you're being modest), I love seeing how much each purse holds etc..
  15. [waiting patiently] :whistle: for Nymph (tease!) and mlbags.