What is in yor collection

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  1. Hi
    I dont own a digital camera and i woud like to so i could take a picture of my louis vuitton and show you all.
    but if you have a digital camera take a picture and show me your collection. I would love to see.
    But if you are like me tell witch peices you have.
    1. Keepall 50
    2.Business Card Holder
    3.Pocket Organizer
    4.Trousse Toilette
    thank you
    please write in
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  2. 1. LV speedy 30
    2. LV mini looping
    3. LV MC white speedy 30
    4. LV MC white Theda (selling)
    5. LV MC white Tresor wallet
    6. LV mono. Tresor wallet
    7. Balenciaga City 04' Lilac (selling)
    8. Balenciaga First 05' apple
    9. Balenciage City 06' White (on its way!)
  3. I'll just list the LVs. Check out my thread for the pictures!

    LV white Suhali L'Epanoui GM
    LV white Suhali Le Fabuleux
    LV Cerises Bucket (& Pochette Accessoires)
    LV lavender Vernis Spring Street
    LV black Epi Jasmin
    LV Monogram Babylone
    LV Monogram Popincourt
    LV Monogram Koala wallet
    LV white MC Pochette Cles
    LV black MC agenda
    LV beige inclusion bracelet

    Small and tidy collection. :smile: I really like Suhali, can you tell?
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  4. Clanalois: By small, you must mean.. massive and massive !
  5. Here are my LVs:
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  6. Ok, relatively small. :shame: *looks at LV_addict's collection* :lol:
  7. ^^^I'll trade you mine for your Suhali any time!!!:lol:
  8. Here's mine.. I forgot to post !

    I have a vernis lavendar ludlow as well, but that's up for sale (go check it out in the marketplace !! ;))

  9. hey

    my LV collection is very very very small!

    LV Speedy 30
    LV monogram cosmetics pouch thingy

    :shame: hope to add more in May!

    oh yeah thats Twiggy! heheehe!

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  10. :amazed: OMG!! Can I be your long lost sister??:shame:
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  11. :nuts::lol::lol:
  12. I have a Recital and that's it so far.... :amuse:
  13. Small collection, but here it is:


    Epi Speedy 30 in mandarine
    Monogram Mini Noelie in cherry
    Vernis Lexington in noisette
    Monogram pochette accessories
    Damier Papillon 26
    Vernis Ludlow in marshmallow
    Vernis pochette clefs in marshmallow
    Monogram pocket organizer
    Bolt key ring (shoulder strap extender)

    My next purchases will be the Monogram Koala agenda with the rose interior and perhaps the matching pen, and the Suhali L'Aimable in off-white.
  14. ^^^LOVE them all!!!
  15. ayal: what do you use your strap for? The pochette? Can you wear it cross body that way?

    raspberry: those are beautiful vernis items! i love your perle cles! Do you get much use out of your lexington? I am contemplating a Minna Street and a Lexington.

    my small lv collection consists of

    Framboise Vernis Bedford
    Framboise Vernis Pochette Cles
    White Multicolor Pochette Accessories
    Lilac Epi Pochette Accessories
    Black Epi St. Tropez
    Monogram Musette Tango

    other designers

    White Chanel Cambon Pochette
    Pink Cotton Candy Burberry Lola Barrel Bag
    Dior Girly Boston Bag