What is in stock at AR?

  1. What is in stock at AR? They only have summer colors listed on site.
  2. Hi Shoegal, according to Jumpei, their new stock PDF will be ready this Friday. I'm not sure exactly what they have in stock currently, but it's more than is listed on their website. On Sunday I ordered a red First and it's already on its way. Maybe email them to find out.
  3. They definitely have the Rouge VIF Work--just ordered one yesterday. Definitely give them a call to see what they have. They don't have the Rouge VIF cities yet, and Jumpei says he has quite a list for that.
  4. 0o0o0o i cant wait to see what they've got in stock... i'm just dying to get a BLUEBERRY work!
  5. sorry to go OT, but kim told me the nyc b-bag store should be getting another new shipment in this week :choochoo:
  6. i think they have all the pre-fall colors in the first, work and maybe weekender sizes.
  7. Did she have any idea which colors/bags... or is it as much of a surprise to them as it is to us? :smile:
  8. YUMMY ... YUMMY ... YUMMY ... the Rouge Vif Work ... :love: :tender: :heart:
  9. :girlsigh: What is the AR that you are referring to?
  10. ^^ Aloha Rag. :smile:
  11. I was just in there the other day and most (if not all) Fall colors are in. I don`t know all of the names of the colors and bags so I can`t give you an exact list but they have loooooot of new items.
  12. note: they do not have the rouge vif in the city in. I've been calling them daily... pretty much. i know they have in the city - truffle, greige, black
  13. really??? could the blue india be in this shipment???
    i hope so.....
  14. OMG! Yay! I hope they finally get the rouge vif City bags in!!!:yahoo:
  15. I hope they get the blue india in before I go there, I cant wait...I am going to Hawaii for 2 weeks starting next sat!!! AR will be one store I will be frequenting lol