What is in my bag/WIMB? Pics pls!

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  1. For the life of me, I could not find a proper "What's in my bag" thread and I think we need one! So, let's see your pictures - and let's keep this thread about the picture posts please. Makes for an easier read and a more on-point thread, right? :smile:

    I'll open up the game with my Mulberry Ledbury - travelling today and while Be Right Backpack carries all things big and heavy, Leddie takes care of the following items for me:
    Mulberry Long Locked Purse in Mulberry Pink (early, preloved Christmas pressie from me to me)
    Lancel key pouch
    Hat and gloves
    Bus card
    Hair ties
    Two silver rings
    Snack bar
    And here she is, not even stuffed to the brim!
  2. Céline luggage micro containing

    Mulberry pouch
    Ulysse notebook
    Mechanical pencil
    Bobbi Brown retouching wand
    Car key
    Chanel cardholder
    Chanel pouch
    A6 water bottle
    Dog Treats

    Inside the Mulberry - iPod, headphones, charger, hand sanitiser, key, bag hook, tissues, dog eczema cream, poop bags

    Inside the Chanel pouch - antiseptic wipe, toothpicks, plaster, lip balm, lip gloss, lipstick, travalo, eyeliner

  3. Loving your kit! Very pulled together&organised. :loveeyes:
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  4. Love mulberry! Your new wallet is beautiful too!!
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  5. Thank you! Mulberry Pink is possibly the prettiest color ever, I still occasionally pull the wallet out and just look at it. So silly, especially when someone at work catches me doing it...:biggrin:
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  6. Another day, another train...and my RM Mini MAB Side Zip Tote is my bag of choice!
    In the bag the is my trusty Rizzo croc print small agenda, DvF wallet, Lancel key pouch, Clean Skin perfume, Burt's Bees lipbalm, Sony earphones, bus card, phone, DKNY keychain (from my Mom's Christmas pressie, sssshhhh...).
  7. What's in my Coach Market tote

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  8. Been carrying my lovely new Le Pliage Neo since last Monday. Here she is with her friend, Mr. Bunny Bukowski and in the 2nd pic are her contents.
    IMG_20170112_175513.jpg IMG_20170119_212229.JPG
  9. Thank you so much!
    I love the color on your bag! I must have a thing for red bags. :heart: Also really like your cute charm!
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  10. Both gorgeous reds ladies and little bunny is too cute.

    I must get a le pliage, got a medium one from ex husband to give to my Mum at Xmas and it's totally brilliant. She was using one of those strong rectangular shopping bags and I hated it :lol:
  11. Thanks, it's such a gorgeous red that just makes me happy every time I see it. Mr. Bunny sends his love!

    Oh yes, everyone needs some LP in their life! I have several and I couldn't survive without them anymore. They make up the core of my collection, the easiest bags to carry anywhere.
    Mr. Bunny sends love to you, too!
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  12. Carrying my essentials in a DKNY mini today. Phone, LV Empreinte Cles, hair tie, blotting paper, NYX lip gloss, bus card. Could easily fit a comb and box of mints in there as well! IMG_20170128_140632.JPG
  13. I love it, Amazon.:heart:
    What are the dimensions of your bag?
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  14. Merci, sweetie! This is the Tribeca Studded mini if I remember correctly and it measures at abt 16 cm wide, 5 cm deep and 12 cm high with a 50+ cm strap drop. I think they just recently sold these on Zalando but I got mine preloved, as per usual.