What is HgBags?

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  1. is it a shop? apppreciate your infos:smile:
  2. eBay Store....

    love her!
  3. tnx!:heart: any website?

    its ok...saw it!
  4. She's a seller that I've dealt with many, many times. She's fantastic!!
  5. She is a fantastic seller - very prompt and friendly to deal with. Definitely check into buying from her! You can also get on her mailing list if you send a message to her eBay account and see as soon as she gets something new in. :yes:
  6. thanks for the addt'l infos guys!:tup:
  7. Erica rocks. :yahoo:I love her.:heart:
  8. Nanaz, did she find you a GH Sandstone Day?:graucho:
  9. No girlie. :sad:I am out of luck on this one. :crybaby:I just have to wait for ebay i guess.:graucho:
  10. I agree with Nanaz - Ericais great! Love her, too!:yes:
  11. I just tried a search in ebay stores for hgbags and turn up 0 results. Would someone have a link?

    This site is so resourceful!

  12. Erica is great and is also a member here, although she doesn't post all that often. She's very sweet, responsive, and has nice selection of bags! I think her eBay store's name is ECLuxe, or something like that.
  13. Does she take requests? Can we ask her that we are interested in__________and she contacts us if something like that shows up?
  14. where does she get all her b bags from?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.