WHAT is happening with LV

  1. Well I dont have so much experience, I am into LV like 2 years ago but this is what happened:
    I was very happy I was going to be in Brazil for a couple of days becuase I could buy something at the LV store in Sao Paulo so I went there and I had my eyes put on the damier Rift so I saw it and asked for it (by the way I didn't ask for the price because I had an idea for what it says on the webpage and elux) so i said I take it pls and I was taking out dollars from my wallet and the SA said we do not take dollars :wtf: I was surprised like that, I think any store that sells so expensive items and is so exclusive, should take any or at least some of the most used currency in the world like euro or dollars.... well then I said is there a bank where I could change and she said yes there is and it was quite far away well.... finally I asked how much it would be in dollars and she said 780 $ :death: I have no idea if that is correct and then I told her could I get a tax refound ? and she said they never do that !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! well obviously I didn't buy it I rather wait and go to the copenhagen shop and get is there for less and get a better atention and! pay in any currency I want :cursing:

    By the way I tought the epi mandarin was an discontinued line and that store had it, some bags and small leather goods
  2. I have never used dollars anywhere but the United States, and when I travel, I exchange to the local currency. I think that's a reasonable expectation of any tourist, anywhere.
  3. I've used dollars most places I've been too but then again the places I've been to that are not the US are touristy so of course they'll take USD.

    You know...I think the only countries that do tax return are the European countries...I doubt any other country do it. The European taxes are mad high though.
  4. I have purchased in LV Paris, Munich, Denmark, Sweden, Prague and they all acepted $
    if they are all the same company they should have same rules
  5. No, I think the currency accepted would depend on the country, not the company. The stores you mentioned are all in the EU, I assume their rules are different than the ones in Brazil.

    Do LV stores in the United States accept Euros? I doubt it.
  6. Yeah LV takes major currencies. As a matter of fact, there is a sign that displays the currency rate near their cashiers.

    About the tax refund, I think some countries don't have tax refund.
  7. What I'm saying is maybe you should cut LV a break here. I'm sure they are working within the rules for that country, and aren't refusing your American dollars just to inconvenience you.
  8. what is a tax refund?
  9. Never mind I will get that RIFT anyway is so................. Lovely :love:
  10. hmmmm....iono....i don't even think the Montreal store in Canada will accept USD.......i've never asked, but i doubt it.......cuz you're just going to end up having a fight there anyway since the customer's probably gonna say: "well according to eluxury....X is ____$, so I'm going to pay ____$ in US" while the poor SA's gonna be like "i'm really sorry, but the exchange rate must be applied, so we must charge you extra on top of what the price is online in the USA.".............. So ya, I guess what I"m saying is that if they allow customers to pay in Euros or USD, then the next thing customers will demand for is to pay the exact Euro/USA price without the exchange rate........
  11. ITA, the easiest way is to use your ATM.
  12. Excellent choice, I love the Rift!! :heart:
  13. tax refund as in....refund because you are not a resident of Brazil? I was here in Manhattan and the other day a Russian women didn't want to pay tax on her groceries because she was "russian". Of course she had to pay taxes because she was IN the US.
    But if that's not what you meant then nevermine :smile:
    I think if you're in another country then you should have their currency....I'm not sure if LV accepts all currency...but i would imagine counterfiet issues would be a huge problem as different countries can't recognize every currency around the world.

    I don't think it was an unreasonable request.
  14. Interesting.. I never knew that :biggrin: