What is happening to my Anthracite City?

  1. I'm not sure if it's the coating on the leather, but in the creases it is turning white! I have probably only used this bag a total of 15-20 days. (Although I have had it since Jan.) Has anyone else seen this happen on Anthracite? It is only on the front of the bag at the base. There is absolutely no problem on the back. I haven't used any products on it. It seems to be spreading and getting worse. I don't carry anything more than a wallet, checkbook, sunglasses, so it's not that I've overweighted it.
    I think I should return it - it just doesn't seem normal. It really stands out. What do you all think?

    cracks 009.jpg
  2. no, this is actually on the leather in the creases on the front, not at the seam. About an inch or two up from the seam.
  3. It must be a "crack". Two of my bags have it and they haven't been carried much. I am very upset about it and don't know if moisturising will help... There have been a couple of threads asking about this but not many ppl responded. Do you think we can return them? I have put my bags with this problem at the back of my closet and try not to look at them, until I can figure out something to do!

    edit to add: Do you happen to live in a warm and humid place?
  4. I know, when I noticed it a few months ago, I too put it away. It gives me too much anxiety! But I pulled it out today,thus the thread.
    I recall someone mentioning that LMB had to do a whole different process with the newer bags because of the finish and it was "clouding" with moisturizers, so I have avoided trying anything.

    No, I live in Colorado, it's a mostly dry climate.
  5. yikes!!! that is totally a default of some sort - that should never happen. i'd say it's a lemon - can you return it? you say you've had the bag since january...
    i would take it back if possible, especially as the dye is flaking off of the bag. bummer, so sorry...
  6. It's not the dye flaking off, it's like the leather has stretched sooo much that there is a bit of a crack on a wrinkle. It has happened to two of the 15 bbags I've owned, and I take good care of them, so it's either the climate or I've been very unlucky, what can I say? :tdown: One bag is from 2005, I don't know if Bal would take it back, but I hope that they'll take the anthra back, it's almost new!!
  7. I decided to send it BalNY and see what happens - I know it wasn't anything I did. I'll keep you posted. I figured they need to see it to evaluate it, it's so hard to describe (or photograph). I hope that they stand behind their product.
    I'm sorry it has happened to 2 of yours - what year were they? What's your climate?
  8. One is 2005 and the other 2006! The 05 cracked after several months, but the 06 cracked just like yours, after I carried it for less than a month. Needless to say neither have been outside the house since. I live near the sea , so the climate is quite humid and hot...
  9. Did you buy it from BalNY? If so, good luck with having them agree to take it back.

    I had a similar problem with my French Blue Twiggy, and tried to take it back there (where it was originally purchased, although I wasn't the original purchaser) to see if they could possibly offer a replacement or at least suggest what I can do to help the leather. They wouldn't even look at it. I was told that "the cracking was a natural effect of distressed leather.":rolleyes:
  10. Hmm, too bad they take that approach. For $1K they shouldn't crack.
    That's why I put this question on here, I was curious whether this is happening with other anthracite bags or if I actually got a lemon.
    Do you use your FB now, did it get worse? Looking at the cracks just gets me upset, that's why I haven't used mine much -- and they seem to multiply. I wouldn't mind it if it weren't changing to a whiteish color. That's why I thought it might have something to do with the coating.
    Thanks for your feedback!
  11. Alisonanna, I have an anthracite city and I haven't had a problem with mine yet or any indication that the leather will ultimately crack or white will appear in the cracks. I received the bag back in March and I have used it about 20 times. I think that Balenciaga should stand behind their product regardless of of the fact that it was purchased more than a few weeks ago. I'm really sorry that you have having this problem and I hope you can get it resolved.
  12. I have an anthracite first and have used it about 40 times since March including some long haul flights with a toddler in hand and have not had any wear and tear so far....I do hope BalNY can offer a solution, good luck!
  13. I don't think it has to do with the color, perhaps it has to do with the glaze Bal currently uses. I've seen bbags from 2003 and 2004 being very dry, but they never cracked. I don't know if there is a pattern, has this happened to anyone else's bag?
  14. sorry to hear about this problem... i'm interested in seeing more photos :sad: