what is Gucci's (in store) return policy

  1. I know I might be pushing it, but I have a brown mono horsebit hobo, I paid $1308.00 w/ tax for it, and I have used it twice, and I feel it is so uncomfortable I don't really want it, it is so heavy on the shoulder, I purchased it back in august but only wore it twice, would they exchange it for something else? help:shame::shame::shame::shame:
  2. oh wow, since august... that might be pushing it. i'm sure there are some SA's that would bend the rules but thats a long time and plus its been used... sorry im not much help. i thought maybe it was x amount of days since you purchased it then yea i can see them taking it back..
  3. that is really pushing it but it doesn`t hurt to try.
  4. On my receipt it said 10 days for exchange/returns. It doesn't hurt to try though, let us know what they say! Good luck!