What is good phone etiquette?

  1. What's more polite? If I'm busy, I don't answer the phone and let it go to voicemail so I can return the call when I'm free.

    I have friends who answer my calls everytime whether they are busy or not. If they are busy, they tell me they will call me back. I hate that! Because sometimes they forget to call back. I'd rather leave a message and have them call me when they get it.

    And I hate when people talk on the cell when they are checking out with a cashier, it's so rude and disrespectful to the cashier!
  2. I answer my phone 95 percent of the time and if I'm busy I'll tell someone I'll call them back. Nothing wrong with that.

    I do find it discouraging when people are talking on the phone and don't acknowledge a sales person or cashier AND are taking forever to check out, but I feel like if you aren't ignoring your sales person, chat away. I'm not going to get off the phone to buy a stick of gum. I just say hello, how I'm paying and be off with my day. People have to run in and out and sometimes it's with a cell phone in their hand. Many times I just don't say anything to the person on the phone until I'm done my transaction.
  3. If one my friends call and I am busy or I just don't feel like talking, I let it go to voicemail, and I be sure to return the call later, it is better than picking it up and saying 'I will call you back.' I hate it, too, when people are checking out at the cashier or at the post office and all they are doing is talking it up on the cell phone. Also if your phone rings in like a quiet small shop or something similar, I always find it respectful to take the call outside. Also when you are in a more elegant restaurant and someone answers their phone and starts talking loudly and obnoxiously, that gets on my nerves, too.
  4. If I'm too busy, I let my calls go to voicemail and return the call when I can talk. One thing that I find really annoying is when people see that I called because it's in their call log, but DON'T check their voicemail before calling back and they make me repeat what I said in the message.

    It's really rude to be on the phone when you're dealing with a cashier or other people who are helping you. I hate it when people do that!
  5. OOOOH yeah... that's one thing that got to me... I used to work at a grocery store, and some people that were on the phone and paid with a credit/debit card... they had to press "Ok" on the card screen to approve the transaction... Well they were too busy talking on the phone and used to be all impatient and say "What's the deal? What's taking so long?" Umm... maybe if you weren't to busy talking about yourself on the phone you'd know what's going on!!! :rant: *sigh*

    Sorry if that wasn't clear... :sad:
  6. I don't understand why people who are too busy to talk answer the phone only to tell the caller they're too busy to talk! :shrugs:

    As for talking on the cell phone when you're dealing with a cashier...or anyone...that's just really rude. If the phone call is THAT important...then perhaps you should attend to the phone call BEFORE you run into the 7-11 for that Big Gulp! :supacool:
  7. I feel that cashiers sometimes don't even get recognized as people anymore, but more like a tool that rings people out. I always make sure I'm not on the phone, or if I am, tell them I'll call back or I'll put it down while I'm checking out.
  8. I agree, Leah... most of my friends do this!
  9. Voicemail and Caller ID is there for a reason: use it! If our phone at home rings during dinner our rule is "let the machine get it" unless there is something health wise going on with my parents. If that's the case DH or I will get up and check the caller ID, but unless it's my folks: VOICEMAIL!!

    The one point of phone etiquette that makes my skin crawl is call waiting!! That's rude on so many levels! If you are talking to someone and a call comes through to them, they have two choices: answer or ignore. If they answer it, it ticks me off because they don't value our conversation. If they DON'T answer it, your conversation keeps getting cut out by that insistent blip. I hate that! :yucky: It's why we refuse to have call waiting on our phone even though it's a free addition to our service.

    Cell phones ringing in restaurants? DON'T even get me started!! :hysteric:
  10. Oh I totally understand what you are saying, and then they act like you are inconveniencing them by trying to ring through their purchase while they are on the phone. I understand if it is a business call but most of the time it's not and it's just rude. How hard is it to call them back or put down your phone for 5 seconds while you buy something!
    :rant: :rant:

    Also if you are in a small store and your phone rings please step outside to take the call, the whole store does not need to hear your entire conversation.
  11. Do any of you clear calls? I don't take it personally when anyone clears my calls, but everyone else I know does!
  12. ^^^^ I don't think I understand what you mean by clearing calls.
  13. I'd usually rather have someone not pick up than tell me their busy and make me get off asap.

    I hate when people have a full conversation when they have other people in the car, with rare exceptions. But then its like everyone else in the car has to be quiet because someone is on the phone and you don't want to be loud in the background.

    Or if I'm out to dinner and someone leaves mid meal to make a phone call... seriously, is there something that important!? I know there are exceptions to that too... but in my experience, the majority of things can wait!
  14. I work in a branch financial institution (until next week) so I think it's awful when people walk in and want to talk to me and whoever is on the phone at the same time. However people are always not going to have good manners.

    I have no life so most of the time when I answer the phone I'm available for talking. However in my culture, if I don't answer to phone, they don't leave a message and the house could be burning down for all I know. So I have no choice, but to say I'll call you back. Most of the people I'm in contact with would love to hear my wonderful voice say anything rather than listen to my answering machine.
  15. I hate it when I am paying in a convenience store or a gas station and the cashier is on his cell phone on an obviously personal call!

    I won't pay until he gets off the phone. If he tells me to pay, I just say I will wait until he is done because his call is obviously more important than me. I wait until he gets off, even if there is a line in back of me.


    One guy was so rude I got really angry. When I got to work, I called the store every 10-15 minutes and hung up the minute he said hello. I knew the phone didn't have caller ID.