what is going to be THE BAG for Spring

  1. Aside from Style.com and Vivre and eluxury---i would like to hear from purse girls what they think will be the new IT BAG for Spring..../should I still want the Spy?

    Who needs Oprah - since joining has been a cartharctic (?) experience.....but seriously how should I drop hubby hints for my new purchase - ooh I mean his new purchase:lol:
  2. i think the dior gaucho (in ivory/cream) is it for spring. the fendi b. bags have been in every magazine i've seen (and i'm a magazine journalism major, so i tend to see most of them), so i could see those being 'it,' too, but i like the gaucho a thousand times better.
  3. i love Fendi B bags too death
  4. Dior Gaucho get's my vote
  5. I'd vote for the Gaucho too.
  6. I am not so sure if I like the B bag that much cause I haven't seen one in person. But what is one opinion of me compared to the celebs who would probably make the it of a bag? :amuse: . I still love my Spy..
  7. Chloe Edith gets my vote!
  8. white dior gaucho all the way.
  9. Dior--I do say so myself. ;)
  10. Chloe Edith or the Dior Gaucho.
  11. kerala.jpg This bag!
  12. I agree!
  13. That's funny, a couple of weeks ago I posted about the Edith and everyone went, "eeewwww." :lol:
  14. I must have missed that cause I've been drooling over it ever since I saw the pics from the Spring shows on Style.com!! That bag is lovely...:love: