What is going to be in the sale ????

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  1. Does anyone have any idea`s for which bags are going to be reduced in the Christmas sale ??

    After reading through some of the threads I have decided that I want a Olive Euston bag , I know that they were reduced last christmas , but I would be so angry with myself if I bought one now and they were reduced again at christmas !!

    Has anyone got any inside info ????????????
  2. What about the Outlets , do they have sales ??

    I know that they are reduced already but do they have christmas sale ??

  3. Shepton definitely has a sale but I think it's usually in January. I know the bags have all been reduced again recently - that's when I got my olive Phoebe. I'd give them a call, they're very helpful.
  4. I did today , and they said they don`t know , Mmmm... I don`t believe them !!!!!!
  5. No, it's true. They often don't get told until a couple of days before the sale. Then they get the list of what's going in the sale only the night before.
  6. Do they have the email subscribers preview before the main sale begins?
  7. Not to sure , but by the sounds of it ,its all top secret until the sale begins !!
  8. Hi, I am new to this sub forum. I already own a chocolate Araline (i.e. I'm familiar with the nappa leather, which I adore) and I am looking forward to adding an Oxford in coffee to my collection. Do you think it will go on sale on the M site? Judging from the threads here, it doesn't seem to be wildly popular..? Does anyone remember seeing pics of it here? I'd love to see action pics.
  9. Oh, forgot to ask: when does the sale start on the Mulberry site?
  10. It starts on Christmas Day
  11. Thanks, Stefy.
  12. I wasn't actually familiar with the oxford - just had to go and look it up!

    Sorry, but I have no idea if it will go on sale - I'd love to know what's planned too. I *think* I might be after a chocolate Annie.

    If you sign up on the website, they will send you a 10% off thingy - valid for the first day or so of the sale. Can't remember how far in advance this is, but I have a feeling that they don't reveal preview info in advance. I seem to remember waiting till the first day of the sale in the past.

    If you are considering a purchase, I'd be tempted to hang on. It's only just over a month away now, and if you have the discipline to hold out, it could be well worth it!!
  13. I did have a long spell in Goldsmiths,we would know weeks in advance so we could do all the preparing so we could put it on in a matter of hours when the time came,but with us there was lots of fiddly small things to locate,do new tickets for etc,etc but we were not allowed to say a word to the general public what was going in or not,it was a sackable offence in some managers eyes!!!! With bags I'm guessing thre is not a full scale military operation involved in putting their sale on,so they may not know till a week in advance?????
  14. Thanks for the info, Alycat, I'll sign up. I will hold out to the sale. I'm not sure yet that I really want this bag. I definitely do not need another bag. The thing is, I have a MICHAEL Michael Kors bag in tan (very close to the coffee colour) that I don't wear because it cannot be worn on the shoulder and I am looking to replace it with the Oxford as an "easy-to-wear-and-carry" everyday stylish bag to be worn w/o coat i.e. in spring and summer.
  15. No problem - think we'll all be checking the sale, hope we don't crash the site!

    Your Michael Kors bag sounds lush, but I can completely relate to your description - I like to be able to sling my bags on the shoulder as well. Have you seen the Somerset tote by the way? It's not the nappa that you like, but it is quite soft and squishy, quite light,and it sits really comfortably on the shoulder. Looks great in oak, but you also might like the 'khaki' . It didn't seem like khaki to me - looks more like a mid-brown? I'm sure one of the girls has posted a picture (of the oak I think?) - it should come up in a search.

    Fingers crossed you find something you like :smile: