what is going on with patchwork

  1. http://www.coach.com/content/CollectionList.aspx?categoryId=365&child=320

    well i have was never oen for patchwork expect for this past holiday tote with the turnlock pocket and horse carriage logo so i wa sjustw odnering how every one else feel about the latest additions for thsi upcomign coach season.. i am likeing the scarf print shoulder bag with poject on front ( blue and white is my favorite color combo) overal i like this new shoudler bag shape but not sur eabout the new signature stripe totes hmm something just seems off ( not sure how to explain it .... i think the accessories are cute but the overal bag big question mark)

    so what do u all think
  2. I just do accessories with the patchwork, etc. - I'm dying for the wristlet, it's so cute and has lilac which will match my wallet! Can't wait til Monday so I can see it IRL :biggrin:
  3. Its really pretty on real life. I just bought a couple of pieced tonight!