What is going on with my body?

  1. First off, I want to say I'm sorry if this is incredibly stupid of me to ask but I don't know what to do.

    Over the weekend I started my period, like 2 weeks early. I'm on the pill and have been for years so my periods are pretty damn regular and if I do mess up a pill cycle I *may* have some occasional spotting, very light though and nothing for more than a day.

    Since the weekend my period has been extremely heavy and I feel extremely bloated. No aches or pains though. Its just weird for me to have a period this early and this heavy while on the pill.

    Any ideas of what may be going on?
    I want to call my doctor but I don't know what they could do for me, if anything.
  2. Wow, I've never had this happen. I'd be freaked out too. If I were you, I'd probably call your doctor's office - there's probably a nurse or someone who can tell you if you should worry or if you need to go in. Before you do that, you might also search WebMD. Sometimes there's helpful info there.
  3. I think i am most worried about if I was pregnant (and didnt know it) and now I'm miscarrying..highly unlikely but that is my biggest fear.
  4. If this is completely not normal for you, I would call my ob/gyn asap. A nurse might be able to talk to the doctor and tell you what's going on or they could schedule an appointment for you to come in for a quick examination. If you take your pill regularly, it's probably not pregnancy (although that is always a possibility). I think ovarian cysts can also cause heavier periods, so it's definitely something to have checked out by your doctor, if not this time, definitely if it happens again. Best wishes!
  5. sounds like you may have had a cyst burst--call your gyno, and have it checked out
  6. I agree with everyone, this is not normal, and requires medical attention.Please do keep us posted.
  7. I was afraid you all would say to get it checked out... :sad:. Wil make an appt tomorrow.

    Do you think I should go to an OB/GYN or go to my university health center?
  8. Preferably your ob/gyn, but if they have a long wait make the appt. and see your univ. medical center in the meantime to make sure it doesn't require immediate attention. You can always cancel with your ob/gyn later if it gets resolved. Keep us posted.
  9. will do. I plan on going to the Univ center tomorrow and making an appt too w/ an ob/gyn if I can't get in right away.

    I will keep u all posted.
  10. I hope everything is okay, let us know what your doctor says.
  11. cant get an appt with a ob/gyn until 3-11-08 so I am going to go to the University health center tomorrow and then ob/gyn also on the 11th.
  12. maybe try a local clinic? i think u should get checked out before then. or just see if the dr can talk to you over the phone?
  13. Well i was not able to make it to my appt at the university health center..I don't think there is much they could have done for me anyway.

    The bleeding stopped. Although it was early and much heavier than normal I think it may have just been an abnormal period. I do have a break in school (first week of March) so I will make sure to get a pap done then to check that everything is okay.
  14. I had a similar thing happen to me back in December. I was taking antibiotics, missed one or two pills, and I was extremely stressed out. Between the 3 things I had a period/break through bleeding. I am regular now because I am back on schedule now. Have you been taking any new prescription drugs or missed a pill or two? That could be the problem. I would suggest wait to see if your cycle is normal next month and to make an appoitment to talk to your doctor.
  15. I have bronchitis/ pnemonia but I am not on any antibiotics. I am taking prescription tussineux..