What is going on with me..???

  1. Hi, everyone!

    Okay...this is what is going on with me now.
    I have been a dye-hard Birkin fan....only Birkin...because I bought other H bags, then realized I didn't really like them. So, I stayed only at Birkin side.

    All of sudden!!!! I am in LOVE with Bolide. I don't know yet, but I think I start to like Bolide more than Birkin!!!

    Does anyone like/prefer other Hermes bags more than Birkin? I think Birkin is more sophiscated (has starps &closure, turnkey..etc those features that Bolide does not have)bag than Bolide. I always like sophicated style when it comes down to fashion (jewerly, clothings, shoes, bags...etc). But I am seriously in LOVE with Bolide. (AND!! Kelly elan & pouchette:nuts:)

    Anyone had similar experience? :sweatdrop:
  2. Uhm, Aspen, could it be that you've bought so many Birkins that there's nothing left for you to buy?:p
  3. I think the Bolide has a great shape. I came to the forum thinking a Birkin would be my first bag, but I kinda like the Bolide a tad bit more. ;) Aspen, you should definitely buy a Bolide. :smile:
  4. Hi aspen:heart:, sounds like you are in the search of a H bag, as your "under the radar" bag.

    I don't know if how you're feeling now is the same as how I felt awhile back. I love my birkins, but I find that a birkin is flashy, to say the least. It's because it's so recognisable, it can sometimes be 'inconvenient'. There are some days I love to tote my Birkin around. But there are days, I just want to be invisible. KWIM?

    You probably see in a Bolide what I see in my Lindy. But I am beginning to see that the Lindy has increasingly become more sought after, and it may no longer be my "under the radar" bag for long. And it's in the Victoria FT that I hope to replace my Lindy for this "under the radar" objective.

    Does this strike a cord?
  5. LOL! This could well be it! :graucho:
  6. aspen, I am TOTALLY with you on this--
    I am all about Birkins...but...I sometimes tire of the hype of the bag and the Bolide is under-the-radar, practical, and I like its understated style...
    I think you need to post this admission on the "ode" thread!
  7. aspen, if you were fed tuna for 10 years straight and nothing else you might want steak LOL. i think you have the most beautiful exotic collection i have seen but if you feel like picking up a bolide it will add spice to your life maybe. nothing wrong with that :tup:
  8. Aspen, variety is the spice of life! Definitely try a steak for a little change!;)
  9. I love the convenience of my Birkins. They just work for my lifestyle. I think the Kelly is a more elegant bag, and love it's looks. But the Kelly is more difficult for me to handle as it seems I'm always getting in and out of my bag.

    I, too, am very interested in getting a Bolide for my next bag. I noticed a woman carrying one while traveling and it looked so smart. I think that my desire didn't develop until 1. I saw the bag in action - which has been difficult because it's not seen as much. 2. I had the basics in the most coveted styles.

    If I had found the Purse Forum earlier, I probably would have owned a Bolide a long time ago. (and been condidered "ahead of the pack"!)
  10. Definitely get a Bolide! It's a very 'easy' bag, very grab'n'go yet very elegant. I rotate it with my Birkin. I just love it.
  11. I am a "Birkin Girl" at heart, and I know I always will be. However; I have begun to notice the Bolide and the KP. I have spoken with my SA about both bags. I like the KP for totally different occasions when my JPG won't do and I just don't want to carry a larger bag like my 32cm Kelly. I like the Bolide for the more casual look and the strap.
    Will NEVER give up my Birkin love - but just thought I might start to spread that love around :smile:
  12. I agree, you should get a bolide and diversify your Hermes bag collection. I love Hermes items not just the birkin. I love my evelyne!!
    I adore the Jige and Kelly elan bags as well.
    The bolide will do you some good, definitely!!
    The bolide is also a very sophisticated bag.
  13. Diversification is the key, nothing wrong with that!
  14. I too, will always think of the Birkin as my first love. The Bolide slowly grew on me. When I finally got my 37 Bolide mou, I knew had found the easiest to use, most huggable, under the radar bag that just whispers luxe. Only in New York did I ever catch anyone giving it the sideways once over. Once in Philadelphia, a sales girl at Saks complimented it, but had no idea what brand of bag it was. I love that! I still prefer the looks of the Birkin, but for functionality, comfort, and privacy I prefer the Bolide. (And the Lindy, but that's another thread! ;)) My advice: get yourself a Bolide!!!
  15. And I'm sure a croc Bolide would be very easy for you to find.:graucho: