What is going on with EBAY?

  1. Personshoppers sells authentic Chanel handbags and I noticed that all her auctions have been removed by eBay. I wonder what happened, she sells a lot of bags on eBay, YIKES.
  2. This is ridiculous! I've never bought from her before, but I know she is a reputable and legit seller.
  3. Who the :censor: knows with them? I listed 2 authentic LV's only to have them end my listing for "possible trademark infringement" while there are obvious FAKES that are still there even though I reported them. I'm getting to the point where I don't even want to sell with them anymore and just consign with someone else. :tdown:
  4. eBay has a LOT of technical issues right now.

    I wouldn't touch it w/ a 10 foot pole until all the bugs are fixed.
  5. ^Ugh yeah including the fact that they tried to collect my ebay fees TWICE. I already paid it last week, then they had this big old "alert" all over my account acting like I was overdue on my fees (a whole $23 :rolleyes:). Um no, sorry.
  6. ^yeah, me too:yes:
  7. I got a notice from them that my card that I used to pay my fees automatically each month was declined. I was wondering why on earth that would happen when I know money is in the account. Turns out it's another one of their bugs that they are working out.
  8. It is horrid that amount of fakes being sold...not just LV's, but tons of others...I can't believe so many people are buying them...makes me sick, you can't warn people.
  9. personalshoppers? really? i've bought from her before, absolutely lovely! i bet she's PO-ed!
  10. same think happened to me. So annoying!
  11. Oh My! I got that happening to me today and it did ruin my day because it is connected to my main bank account. So it is their issue right? A technichal problem.:wtf:
  12. I report and report until I cannot report anymore!!!:tdown:
  13. yes, this is actually what I referred to in my post above.
    There's a whole thread about this already, it affected something like 2 million of us.
  14. Her auctions look okay to me.:wtf:
  15. I saw this happen to another authentic LV seller when I clicked on the relisted button.