What is going on - receive mail from Ebay about an Item I haven't listed!

  1. HI there

    Tonight I got an email in my hotmail account from someone asking when I am going to send them the panasonic camera that I had listed!!! Eh??? I haven't listed a camera. I went into my ebay account and no such item exists in my selling section (which I knew it wouldn't anyway) but what is going on???

    What do I do?

    Has somebody thought they have bought something from me??

    I'm even scared to go into my paypal as they say they have paid me with paypal

    Has this happened to anyone else?
  2. Someone may have hijacked your account, but I'm not sure..
  3. no, it's a spoof. Just don't click on it, forward it to spoof@ebay.com, hten delete it.
    These have been going on for a while now :sad:
  4. You can go to paypal.com. . . you'll see there's nothing there ;)
  5. Thanks SWo3. What a nightmare....

    I was so worried that there was some poor soul somewhere expecting a camera from me!!!

    It is ridiculous that people are doing this. I have taken your advice and sent to the spoof at ebay address so see what they will come back with.

    How do these horrible people do this? and get away with it.
  6. Yeah it's just a scam. They try to get you and threaten that you'll be reported to ebay if either a-they don't get their payment for their item that "you won" or b-if you don't send them the item you sold them.
    Like Swanky said, report it to that address keep that address handy in case you get anymore emails like that in the future.

    Oh and by the way, ebay will just send you an email that says that it wasn't sent by ebay and that they'll investigate. That's all the further info you'll get about it.
  7. This happened to me just a month ago. I just deleted it. Than another email just like it came the next day. Again, I ignored it and deleted it. again.

    Then one week later my account was suspended by Ebay due to it being hi-jacked. They asked me if I had listed a Honda Accord! I had to speak to them on the phone and verify everything before they reinstated my account.

    I would change your password immediately. If you account gets suspended you'll know why.
  8. OMG that's crazy.
  9. I hate stuff like that with Ebay
  10. And ebay never do anything about it, it makes me so mad as some people really stress about stuff like this.
    Alot of the times, the links asks you to put in your ebay password which is exactly what they are looking for :sad:
    They then, using your password, change your username and start selling illegal, large value items on your account, and use your good feedback to try and rip people off.

    It happened to me last year, luckily, I got an email from ebay confirming my change of username. Alarm bells rang as I knew I had not, and I could not get into my account because the password had been changed :sad:. I had to log on as a guest and look under my seller name and somebody was selling a tractor on my account! for thousands of pounds. God, these people are hideous arent they.

    Just ignore it sam, and never click on the links.

    I have an ebay toolbar fitted now, which flags up that these are not coming via ebay.
  11. Slightly OT but how did you get that tool bar - chloe-babe? TIA x
  12. I get 3 or 4 a day almost everyday. I am always being told I will be reported, or that my paypal acct has been given 500 dollars and to please send the item NOW, or they will report me because they haven't gotten the Computer I sold them (that I never sold). I just delete delete delete and only answer ebay messages through ebay. Don't click on the respond now butoon (or any button). It will send you to a sign in page...and Viola...they have your password.
  13. I was about to ask if SS had clicked the link in the email, or gone to eBay and then signed in. If you clicked the link, you need to get in touch with eBay Safe Harbor and pronto. They've got you if you signed in from a link in the email.

    I got one of those myself. I was selling some of my shoes at the time, but the user ID rang no bells. I went to eBay and put the user ID into the search bidder function. It came up, but it was a name that was unregistered or had never been used. That's what these scammers do. They somehow cull unregistered user IDs and phish using them. Grr!:censor:
  14. You follow the instructions from the link :smile:
    Installing the eBay Toolbar
  15. Thanks Chloe-babe :flowers: