What is going on? Real tracking number...

  1. Ok, my story is I bought and paid for an item same day. I assume shipping would at least begin in 7 days. After no contact from seller, I emailed her on the 12th day asking her for her tracking number at least (not demanding to know where the item was). On the 15th day I gave up and made a claim on paypal and escalated it.

    She has responded with a tracking number that seems legit (however hilariously she didn't even ship the item until the 12th day-the day I complained to her with no response) and it shipped the next day via UPS. It says it was DELIVERED on the UPS on the 23rd however it was not. Or if it was, I can't find it. I cannot bring myself to believe that it was stolen considering I have had numerous packages before on my doorstep and I live in a good neighborhood. This seems really fishy to me considering she didn't ship until the day I complained (hello wheres my package- not what I said but what I wanted to say). However, the shipping number is legit, so I don't know what to do. Now I look terrible to paypal probably but I swear that this package did not arrive on my doorstep like ups said it did.
  2. I have a serious question. On a UPS tracking slip, would it usually say an address like 1535 Smith st., New York City or would it just say a state.

    I hope she wasn't stupid enough to only put the city where I live in .
  3. Its probably fraudulent anyways...why would a small LV agenda be 1.3 pounds to ship.

    My goodness I know its my fault but blah!
  4. I would contact UPS and ask them what the actual address was where this package was delivered.
  5. That's a copy of the screen shot from the UPS tracking website.
    It wouldn't list the actual address there, but she should definately have some form with proof that it was shipped to your exact address.