What is glove leather?

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  1. I've only heard of this "kind" of leater being used by B. Makowsky, but anyone know what it exactly is? I've tried googling a couple times, and it either leads to the designer or "leather gloves".
  2. Usually, it means kid (as in baby goats) leather, but other leathers could be used so long as they were soft/fine enough

    Posher 'ladies' wore gloves constantly until around 1920 and for occasions until the 1950s.

    The better the glove the finer the leather.

    Gloves had to be stretched to fit the ladies hand with heated glove stretchers untill it fitted exactly. The finer the leather the more the glove would stretch and the better the fit.

    Gloves were bought 12 pairs at a time as when the glove became dirty (they were usually white, cream or ivory) they had to be discarded.

    Hope this helps
  3. That's a great liitle piece of social history, papertiger. I recall asking a similar question here some while back, as I bought a bag that was said to be 'glove leather'. It was made by a UK firm called Dent's, who have been in business since 1777. Dent's were primarily famous for makng gloves for the English aristocracy and in fact made the gloves for Queen Elizabeth the second's coronation. They branched into handbags which are also of superb quality and remarkably affordable. The leather of my Dent's bag is extremely soft, and in fact gives Balenciaga a run for its money.
  4. What a cool bit of history. I always wondered how those ladies kept their gloves so spotless. This is why I love tpf!
  5. Funny but when my boyfriend first touched the leather on my Balenciaga he commented on it having 'glove soft leather'.
  6. Nowadays they are often lamb, but traditionally kid.
    LOL we wore a lot those white kidskin gloves when I was a kid, I remember when my mother tried to handwash them once and they shrivelled up like dead mice!
  7. :biggrin:Wow thank you!
  8. Thanks, papertiger!
  9. I wonder, have you had touched or tried a B. Makowsky? What's the comparison between a Makowsky and a Dent in terms of the leather?
  10. NagaJolokia, I have never seen or touched a B. Makowski, although I have heard of them. They don't seem to be available in Ireland. Dent's seem to also make a high-shine leather as well now. I bought one of those last year and it was excellent quality. But I still prefer my extremely soft dark brown satchel. You could always enquire about Dent's leather bags at www.dents.co. uk Their customer service is brilliant.
  11. Interesting! Glad to learn this!

    haha silly me! :PI always thought that glove leather had something to do with baseball glove leather,as in "Coach" (copied&pasted from an article about Coach Leather):

    The Coach company was founded in 1941 under the name Manhattan [COLOR=#0000cc! important][COLOR=#0000cc! important]Leather [COLOR=#0000cc! important]Bags[/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR]. The company founder was impressed by the design of a baseball glove and it inspired him to create a handbag with similar attributes. Working with six artists, he created a collection consisting of 12 handbags. Like a baseball glove, these bags were made from tan, supple, high quality leather and featured excellent stitch work and craftsmanship.
    In 1962, the Coach company hired Bonnie Cashin. Cashin breathed new life into the company. She was considered a pioneer in American sportswear due to her use of industrial hardware and organic materials such as leather, wool and jersey. Cashin is credited with both the brass toggle hardware on Coach bags and the Coach duffle bag. Riding the success of Cashin's creations, the company ran its first ad in The New Yorker in 1963.
  12. Just soft, soft, soft leather so that when you wear your gloves in the winter, you can actually move your fingers.
  13. I own a B. Makowsky, and it is one of the softest leathers I have felt on a bag, I haven't felt a dent though. Hope this helps.
  14. Thanks, Heather.

    I actually own two Makowskys, and they are quite impressive, especially for the price range, in terms of the softness of the leather. I do wonder if it is kid leather...as I have not touched kid leather to my knowledge.
  15. This is why I love TPF - coz my friends' eyes glaze over when I start talking about fashion history.

    Completely by coincidence my Mother has a Dents bag - I think they might have slightly exaggerated their glove-making heritage to say their bags are made of 'glove' leather. It's a very nice medium tan bag made of soft leather bag with woven sides - but glove leather - I think that's s-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g it!