What is GIVENCHY's signature handbag?

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  1. Chanel have the classic double flap, Hermes have the Birkin, Louis Vuitton have Speedy and so on but how about Givenchy?

    Been thinking about this for a while, (yeah I'm that bored LOL) most fashion houses have what we call "signature" handbag that when you thought of that brand that handbag always pop up. Whenever I think of Givenchy 3 bags comes in mind, Antigona, Nightigale and Pandora but which is what we can call GIVENCHY's signature handbag?

    I would love to hear your thoughts ladies...
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  2. I think their signature is the Antigona style. It's a bag that a lot of girls seem to have in their collection and the popularity is for good reason IMHO. It's beautiful, and classic yet it has some slight modernity and edginess to it. I can see it being around for a very long time.
  3. When I think of Givenchy I immediately think of the 3 named in the first post but if I were to choose one, I'd say the Antigona.
  4. Antigona for sure!

    Though the Nightingale is also a classic.
  5. When I think of a "signature" bag, I think of a bag that I could easily identify from over a block away lol. For me that would definitely be the Antigona
  6. Definitely Pandora. :smile:
  7. Pandora :smile:
  8. Nightgale or Pandora. Not the Antigona. Because that always does not come up in my head. :lol:
  9. Hi guys, i dont know if its the correct forum but im really torn between pandora and givenchy. I wan to get both in medium. What are your thoughts guys? Ive been wanting to have pandora for a while but the popularity of antigona is getting, there must be something with the bag. Thank you for your response! :smile:
  10. Pandora and antigona i mean hahaha
  11. Get the panda first, as its something you've wanted. The med is a great sz and can be carried 3 or 4 ways. The ant is a structured bag, so more formal than panda. Two very different styles. Don't be swayed by what's popular.
  12. Antigona for sure!
  13. I would think the Antigona, but the Panda and Nightingale are a close second (and my favorites).
  14. Antigona, Nightingale and Pandora all seem to be signature bags in their own ways, but if I had to pick one that's the most recognized and well known Givenchy bag, it would have to be the Antigona.
  15. +1. Well said.