What is fauve barenia ??

  1. I know many of us love natural barenia.

    I have noticed my SA start calling the things that I buy
    [FONT=&quot]fauve barenia.....but what is it?

    what is the difference to veau/natural barenia??


  2. it is something i probably must have!!!!!!!!!!! lol. sorry, i have no idea.
  3. Me either.....

    But as long as it's not faux barenia you're OK!!
  4. all I know...is its supposed to be the new veau barenia......

    its like gulliver leather to swift leather....

    butt anyone know anything else?

  5. I have not the faintest idea, but am very curious now, too!!
  6. fauve translates to fawn....?
  7. In addition to the deer/fawn or wild beast meaning in French, it can also refer to a specific color of reddish-yellow.
  8. Total conjecture here...but...there was a shortage of Barenia is seemed, and there was a discussion a while back that the older Barenia was thicker and newer Barenia pieces were thinner (or maybe just that different Barenia items were of differing thickness?? sorry if I have this wrong). Could it be that they are having trouble getting the old thick Barenia and felt the need to give a new name to the "new" thinner, lighter Barenia? I am making a total guess here...
  9. yeah I think so too.

    I think it might be almost the same thing.
  10. hermesgroupie could tell us, where is our leather expert?
  11. is it possible that she is saying "veau" but it comes out sounding like "fauve"? they do sound a lot alike .
  12. You are so funny!!!:roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  13. nope its def fauve now....and not veau.

    my SA basically was like you know gulliver and swift leather...they are basically the same but different names.

    that is all I got.
  14. I'm pretty sure there is an item described in the new Le Monde as "Fauve Barenia" from what I saw in that thread.
  15. yes.....and i love that item!