What is Fashionphile smoking?

  1. are they seriously seling this for over retail??? :wtf::wtf::wtf: and what's going on with the bottom? it looks awful! I hate how people blindly pay MUCH more than they need to just because Fashionphile is selling it!
  2. That's a terrible ink stain! Hope that bag doesn't sell....
  3. I like this
    " his is in Excellent condition."
    I would hate to see what she called abused.
  4. :wtf:
  5. lol, that's sad.
  6. :roflmfao:

    No kidding! That thing is soooo not worth the price they're asking for! :wtf:
  7. ew that bottom is gross...!
  8. that stain is :throwup: and $125 over retail for it is just nervy!
  9. Hopefully no one buys this - I feel like a lot of people buy things on eBay without knowing the retail pricing !
  10. LOL thats why is like sellers to point out flaws.
  11. Geez...I wonder how they price things? This isn't even a rare item...
  12. haha LOL looks awful, should be under retail
  13. I agree with Kimalee, people often blindly pay over retail because fashionphile is selling it and their layouts and pictures are all pretty and stuff.
  14. Wow. i thought it may have been a typo, but she has 2 other neverfull for sale above retail price. ??