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  1. Hi
    I am new to this forum but not the purse forum and I was hoping someone could help me. Yesterday, my auction for a purse closed and someone with 0 feedback won it. The winner just joined eBay last week. I forgot to mention that 0 feedback people have to contact me b/f bidding in the auction.

    I had a contingency in my auction that payment was due within 24 hrs of the end of the auction via paypal. I am not sure if you can do this on eBay but I put it in all my auctions bc buyers seem to take forever to pay and its getting very frustrating to wait and see if they are going to honor the contract or just disappear.

    The winner never contacted me or responded to my invoices and its over 24 hrs. Is it against eBay policy to relist or offer to the non winning buyer?

    I would like to be fair to the winner but she/he does not answer emails and has clearly ignored the contingency.

  2. no you can't sell it to the under bidder or relist in such a short time . Everybody has to start somewhere on ebay and unfortunately it doesn't always go well .It means nothing to ebay if you state payment within 24 hours . In 7 days to can start the ball rolling for a "non payer " i would suggest that you check out what else this bidder has bid on, if its not many things then you have a good chance of getting paid . Also emails might be going straight into her spam folder . you have to be patient !
  3. I agree. 24 hours is not enough time for her to respond. I, too have clause in my listings, but am pretty flexible about it. You have to be as ebay allows 7 days and you really can't force someone to pay sooner. When this happens to me, it is usually because the buyer has not checked their e-mail...at least that is what they say.
  4. I agree with the others. 24 hours is a very short period for a response, particularly if someone is new to eBay and does not notice such details. I would wait it out about 5 or 7 days, since that's customary.

    You can either send a non-payer notice at that point.
  5. 7 days is the earliest according to eBay. But you can send the reminders meanwhile. Although you have specified in your auction listing, but we as a seller, not always in an advantage position especially regarding the 24-hours required payment.

    Pls send her email/ reminder again if the newbie winner hasnot paid you or responded to you within the next 72 hours. Then again after 7 days. Maybe he/she is currently busy and not able to check her emails promptly.

    Good luck
  6. You can put things in your auction such as no zero feedback buyers, immediate payment etc but there are no tools to enforce it. You do have to wait the seven days before filing a dispute. I would send her reminder emails every couple of days and, if you never hear from her, it is unlikely she will ever respond to the dispute. You will get your fees back and you can relist or send out a second chance offer.
  7. I have to say about the only thing that guarantees your payment is BIN with immediate payment required. Other than that, you have to wait the 7 days out. A 'payment due within 24hr' rule can't be enforced, unfortunately. eBay is the ONLY business I know of that allows people to buy things without making arrangements for payment on the same day. LOL.
  8. Thanks for all of your responses. Just like I thought, she has not responded to any of my emails and requests for payment and she has not paid. Something is very fishy. Before the end of the auction, I got an email through ebay from a person in Italy saying he was very interested in my bag and would I ship to Italy. I responded no b.c i have been having trouble with customs. Right after that, this no feedback US buyer bid on my bag. Now she is not paying. I know it sounds far fetched but I think the second bid was a fake.

    I am furious that I now have to wait 7 days to relist when this winning bidder is obviously not going to follow through with payment. Its been 3 days and no responses. I will keep trying though.
  9. At this point I would not be optimistic that you are going to hear from her. Once the seven days have passed and you have filed and closed your dispute, an option to relisting is to send out a second chance offer to the next highest bidder (if you like the bid amount).
  10. I had a seller who demanded payment when auction was over a few weeks ago, I had a sniper bid for me and I was in bed when the auction was over and when I checked emails 9 hours later I had 2 emails from seller having a fit because I didn't pay.
    My feedback is great, and I always pay I had to laugh at seller as ebays rules state 7 days. I did pay that day but I was worried about this seller being so rude because 9 hours had passed and I didn't pay. I had to explain that I wasn't sitting at my computer when I won.

    I think 24 hours is not enough time I don't think you can offer your item to someone else just yet.
  11. I agree, 24 hours is too soon. Besides, it is the weekend and maybe the buyer does not check email frequently over the weekend. Hopefully, they will do so shortly and all will go well. Good luck!
  12. I almost never list auction style but BIN w/ immediate payment required for this very reason. I do have a number of best offer auctions from time to time so I can't put immediate payment required on those but those have not been a problem thus far.
  13. Help!
    Well, after almost a week, the winner contacted me and said the emails were going to her friends ebay account??? She also again asked if the bag was authentic.

    Anyway, she asked if she could have more time to pay, which I gave her until yesterday and she contacted me this morning to say she had the money, could she pay.

    Now I certainly would love to sell the bag and be done with it but I am concerned because something seems fishy. She did not respond for a week, then responded and said the emails did not come to her and now, all the sudden she wants to complete the transaction immediately.

    what would you do??
  14. You're kind of stuck between a rock and a hard place. She certainly does not sound like the kind of buyer you want to deal with but there is an open contract between you. If she pays, I would ship her the bag with insurance, tracking, signature confirmation. Good luck.
  15. thanks but I am so afraid of antics and chargebacks and stuff like that! I hear so many stories on this board-its amazing what people will do. If the auction ended on the 24th, is today the last day for payment? do you think i should ask her to mutually terminate the transaction and agree to not leave feedback?

    thanks and I think after this, I am done with ebay!