What is everyone's limit?

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  1. Since I've joined tPF I have done nothing but look up bags. I don't sleep, because I stay up looking at them. I sware I could teach this stuff now! It's also really made me think of what I would spend on a bag. I'm sorry if this is already been covered, but what is everyone's limit? I don't mean if you win millions of dollars playing the Lottery, because if then I would by whole store full of bags. I mean in everyday life, everyone has a personal limit of spending for certain items. I'm just curious what it is for bags for you guys. Of course mine has risen since joining this forum!
  2. So funny- I feel the same way..I am obsessed!!! Before finding this forum 3 or 4 months ago, my limit was probably $300...now I would spend $1200 on a Balenciaga (and will soon, I hope)!
    For me, though, my limit depends on the bag and designer...if I know it will go on sale or I can find it somewhere for less I'll try to find the best price (allowing for more bags :smile:!
  3. currently it's before a Birkin... unfortunately- but I'm working on that...:yes:
  4. About $300 is my limit. I could see myself spending up to $500, but probably not much more than that. My limit will definetly grow as my income does.
  5. b4 i came here i would say 1000$ since then.. god ive gone way over.. its addictive.. and the PF makes u want more bags
  6. My max limit is $1000CAD. I only like tiny-pochette sized bags so I can't justify paying anymore for something so small but typically my bags are between the $300-700 range though which is quite modest considering the exhorbitant prices of bags nowadays.
  7. I dont think u can set a limit.. cause sometimes you decide that you'll only spend $1000 for a bag.. then a bag worth $4000 comes by and u're just dying to get it.. then u'll be thinking and thinking and thinking on how will u MAKE urself afford it lol
  8. Well, what I guess I meant was at what price would not save up for that bag. "Oh well, that bag is X amount of dollars. It is not on my wish list." Am I making sense?
  9. Now, about 2,000ish. Eventually, I'd like a Birkin. So, it will change in a few years. :angel: I do, though, have limits on certain brands. Like I look at websites and say, "I'd never spend that much on [insert name here]". Because I know it's not good quality. Like I was looking at the Coach site with a friend like a week ago and was all who spends 600 on Coach? That's a speedy 25. :nuts: I guess my limit depends on the situtation.
  10. its not $$ limit, rather its quantity :P

    2-3 bags maximum each month ... otherwise im homeless LOL
  11. currently only about $500. like someone else said, once my income goes up, that number will go up too. but as a college student, $500 is a fair chunk of my money!
  12. I'd say my limit was about 300 before i joined....now its up-ed to where I KNOW i would pay 700 for a bag I loved.....but over that I have trouble with
  13. ^^^ My sentiments exactly. My spending ceiling in Coach is 300 bucks. Anything more, IMO, is criminal. Not that I don't like them, but Coach isn't Fendi, you know? Coach is a bag that I'm gonna carry everyday, that I'm not worried about where the dustbag is and that I will gladly toss in the closet when it's time to carry something a lil more high end.
  14. The biggest difference this forum has made for me is that I'm now more willing to pay full retail. Before joining - fuggettaboutit...if it wasn't steeply discounted, then I didn't want it.

    I still thrill over finding a bargain on the lower-end stuff, but for the high-end, if I want it, I'll buy it while I can still get it. :sad:
  15. Before TPF, my limit was a round $1000...since TPF, I'm now looking at a $4000 figure. O.o

    I'm trying to talk myself out of the bag.