What Is Everyone Getting With The Shopbop Discount Code?!?

  1. details on the discount here!!

    I'm so excited! I just ordered the Kenneth Jay Lane Small White Hoops I've had my eye on!
  2. I love this thread! Can we include pics?
  3. Hi! This is what I bought so far...
    jpers1036217179_201x396.jpg jpers1037917179_201x396.jpg jpers1037917180_201x396.jpg seven1041217295_347x683b.jpg
  4. I've been wanting these for awhile & finally got with a code!
  5. I got the first two items...

    I don't know if the dress will fit (I wanted a small), but it was meant to go with the shoes (from Anthropologie).
    sweatshirt.jpg katehudsondress.jpg gladiators.jpg
  6. I got a Eugenia Kim hat and a Ya Ya coat
  7. Great buys ladies!
    Hats-I really love that dress!
    I got:
    C&C Wrangler Tunic in Black & White
    Dita Beretta
    Marc by Marc Jacobs
  8. hey hats i love those shoes you got from anthropologie, may i ask if it comes in black? thanks
  9. oh and what is the name of it so i can call in and ask if it is available thanks again
  10. Thanks everyone! I should have taken a picture of me wearing them with my outfit yesterday. (Denim shorts with a white billowy tanktop)

    Anyway, in Anthropologie speak, the ones that I ordered are called Cognac sandals, and they only come in that color.

    If you look at the picture I attached, these come in black, and they are called vox populi sandals.

    A little different, but nice!
  11. I broke down and finally ordered the L.A.M.B. Carlisle Clutch that I've been lusting over since November! :heart:

    Please don't tell my husband though, or I'll be living in a cardboard box with it. :crybaby:
    lambh1000810401_347x683f.jpg lambh1000810401_347x683d.jpg
  12. Oh man! I should have looked up and down the website a little better.

    I LOVE that clutch! I really want to see someone actually modeling that!
  13. How about Miss Gwen herself?! ;)
  14. shoelover- which MBMJ purple glasses where those?? I dont seem them :sad:
  15. That's hilarious!! I've been eyeing the Setela in Wine, but haven't bought it yet because I think my husband would do the same to me!!