What is everyone getting from the Azur line????

  1. I cant decide what to get...i think maybe just a pochette??:shrugs:

    are there any other bags everyone thinks is cute?? (no speedys on this one ladies...i dont like the print thaaaat much.)

    Thanks guys.
  2. Can't say for sure until I see it IRL but I think just a pouchette for me.:yes:
  3. speedy 25
  4. Me to :yes:
  5. does anyone know the prices yet??
  6. speedy 30!!! :P
  7. I haven't seen them in person yet.
  8. Speedy 30 for me too!!
  9. I don't know if I'll buy anything in the Azur Line though I do find the Noe' attractive.I plan on buying 3 pieces of luggage starting 2007 so I may pass on items from this line .
  10. I'm getting the Speedy 30!! I finally decided!! I gave the LV boutique my CC # last night:smile:
  11. Perhaps the speedy, but the cles for sure !
  12. Must have the Speedy...I LOVE IT...

    I also like the keepall's...to die for..but would use the speedy more...

    Elux posted the line for sale..but now its gone...anyone know why??
  13. ^there was a thread about it, it was an error and wasn't suppose to be up yet. I think I'm also getting the speedy I kind of like the light color. but I guess if you don't like the print that much something small is good, a pochette or cles.
  14. I just went to the LV inside SF Bloomingdales and finally saw these pieces in person. They are VERY pretty, and the gray is indeed somewhat indescribable. The light part is a vanilla winter white, as is the interior leather of the wallets.

    The French Purse has 8 credit card slots! Yay!

    The SA there told me that I should consider this line to be "Cruise 07" and that it is considered SEASONAL, despite what we have heard. He said that if it takes off, it could become permanent, like the multicolore.

    The price tag inside the French Purse said $575, so I asked if it was affected by the price increase. He said that $575 was the price today, but would not tell me the price next week, so I assume he didn't know. LV seems to enjoy keeping their employees in the dark.
  15. im thinking of getting either the mini pochette or the regular pochette.